Who Is Emma Nesper? Wife Of Anders Holm

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Who Is Emma Nesper? Wife Of Anders Holm

Emma Nesper is the stunning wife of actor, comedian, writer, and producer Andres Holm. She was born in Evanston, Illinois. 

She has done graduation in Journalism and Mass Communication. She has mastered History. 

She started her career as an English teacher then she worked as an assistant account executive in ID image

She worked with many organizations over the years to improve health rights, health care, and social development in disadvantaged parts of the world

She served as a senior director at CARE organization for four years. 

Anders Stalked Emma Before Dating Her

Andres met Emma at a summer camp when he was 12 years old, as they were in the same school. 

Many years later, they attended the same high school, and he saw her from a distance. 

He said that she was wearing white shorts at that time. He had a cell phone back then, so he stalked her for months. 

He learned that she was not just a girl in white shorts. She was beautiful, thoughtful, and respectful too. 

He had a massive crush on her, and finally, he approached her, and they began dating each other. 

They were high school sweethearts. The couple tied the knot in 2011 and welcomed their first child in 2013. Now they are proud parents to their two kids. 

Emma Nesper with her husband, Andres Holm.
Emma Nesper with her husband, Andres Holm. Source: Instagram


Emma is 41 years old.

Net Worth

Emma's net worth is not revealed; however, her husband has a whopping net worth of $7 million

He has earned this fortune from his career as an actor, producer, and comedian.

Emma Nesper's husband, Andres Holm.
Emma Nesper's husband, Andres Holm. Source: Instagram

Anders Almost Died In Peru

Andres was driving to one of the most dangerous roads in Peru. He was doing a show at that time. 

He said that when cameras were rolling, he didn't have a fear of anything. 

The show's creator asked him to pretend that he had fallen off the cliff. 

Without thinking much, he did that. He dangled off the cliff and grabbed his hands on the rearview mirror of the jeep. 

After shooting that, he realized that the rearview mirror would hold his whole body weight. 

He could have died if it didn’t. Adam Devine, who is Anders's best friend, was the producer of the show, and he was also there while the scene was shot. 

Adam joked that he could have stopped him from doing that, but he wanted to see him go down. 

Anders Parents Were Not Happy With His Decision To Be An Actor Initially

Anders moves to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career. His family was not totally against it. 

But they were apparent that their son shouldn’t end up doing pornography. 

They were earnest, though they didn’t know much about the entertainment industry. 

Shark Attacked Anders

When Anders was snorkeling with his friend Adam, he was attacked by a tiger shark. 

Anders was very scared at that time. So he kicked the baby shark. One of the guys from a boat asked them to hurry up and come out from the water. 

Anders thought the giant shark was approaching them as he kicked the baby shark, so he swam to the boat's deck. 

He thought he was going to die. 

Anders Compares Her Wife To Her Onscreen Wife Anna

Anders played the husband of Julia Garner, who was the main lead in the Netflix series Inventing Anna

She said that his wife was just like Anna. He shared that his wife is intense and dedicated to her work, like the character Anna. 

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