Who Is Encarna Sanchez? Mother Of Penelope Cruz

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Who Is Encarna Sanchez? Mother Of Penelope Cruz

Encarna Sanchez is the mother of Penelope Cruz, a Spanish actress

She was married to Eduardo Cruz. They have three children: Penelope, Monica, and Eduardo.

Her ex-husband died in 2015 at the age of 62.

Encarna Sanchez's late husband and their daughter.
Encarna Sanchez's late husband and their daughter. Source: Pinterest

About Her Daughter

Penelope was born to Eduardo and Encarn. She was born on April 28, 1974, in Madrid, Spain

She began her acting career in Spain, starring in TV series and films during her teenage years. 

Her breakthrough came with the Spanish film Jamon Jamon in 1992, where she showcased both her acting talent and beauty. 

Penelope is married to Javier Bardem. Penelope met her spouse while filming Jamon Jamon, but there was no romance as she was too young then. 

They reconnected during the making of Vicky Cristina Barcelona in the summer, and that’s when they fell in love. 

They quietly got engaged and had a private wedding in the Bahamas in 2010, and later, she welcomed her first child, a son named Leo Encinas Cruz. And later, her daughter Luna

 Penelope Cruz with her husband.
 Penelope Cruz with her husband. Source: Pinterest


Encarna's daughter, Penelope, is 49 years old as of 2023.

Net Worth

As a Spanish actress, Ecarna's daughter Penelope's net worth is about $85 million.

Penelope Talked On Her Acting Journey

Penelope talked about her experience living in New York City and her journey to becoming an actress.

When she was young and full of energy, her parents wisely guided her into sports, and through ballet, she discovered her love for acting. 

Even though she had no family or friends in the arts industry, her parents supported her dream and encouraged her to keep studying and pursuing her passion. 

Despite facing rejection initially, she continued and found success in the film industry, with one opportunity leading to another. 

She also shared a memorable encounter with director Pedro Almodovar, expressing how she admired and desired him as a source of inspiration. 

She also shared a story where Pedro thought she was talking to him until he saw her first two movies. 

She talked about her mother inspiring her to play strong female characters and how her mother’s hairstyling influenced her interest in cutting hair. 

She likes to feel terrified when she starts a new role, even after months of preparation, as it gives a fresh start. 

She compared it to making a soup where character preparation simmers and becomes a part of her. 

Penelope worked with Woody Allen, who doesn’t do rehearsals. 

She finds it funny that she prepares a lot while he prefers spontaneity. 

Even though directors have different ways of working, she understands and respects each person's uniqueness. 

Penelope Expressed Her Gratitude Towards Her Friend Salma Hayek

Penelope shared a touching story about her friend Salma Hayek’s kindness when Penelope first came to Los Angeles

Salma picks her up from the airport and insists on staying at her house instead of a hotel because she knows it could be lonely and challenging. 

Salma offered a place to stay and comforted Penelope by letting her sleep in her room and holding her hand at night when she was scared. 

This kind act created a strong bond between them, and Penelope expressed her deep gratitude and love for Salma

Penelope talked about two films she has been a part of. 

The first one is a unique experience involving two women whose destinies connect when they meet at a hospital on the day they are set to give birth. 

Penelope enjoyed playing pregnant roles, something director Pedro Almodovar noticed early on. 

She also expressed her love for being a mother and her natural connection with children. 

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