Who is Erica Reid? Wife Of L.A. Reid

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Who is Erica Reid? Wife Of L.A. Reid

Erica Reid is the wife of American record executive, A and R representative, and record producer L.A. Reid

Erica herself is the author of The Thriving Child book. She is an American citizen of her nationality. 

Marriage And Children

Erica is married to her husband, L.A. Reid

They met each other at Atlanta University. The couple tied the knot in 2000 and are parents to two children. 

Erica Reid with her husband, L.A. Reid.
Erica Reid with her husband, L.A. Reid. Source: Pinterest

Erica’a Hard Past

Erica came to the spotlight after his marriage with L.A. Reid

She is now living as an author and enjoying her life as a mom. 

However, life wasn’t as grateful and good for Erica now. She was raised by a single mom and had to go through a lot. 

She had to work three jobs hard so that she could support her mom and manage money for her studies. 

Not only that, there had even been days when she had to work continuously without sleeping correctly. 

About Erica’s Husband

L.A. is a record executive, producer, and A and R representative

He is known as the founder and co-chairman of Hitco–Entertainment. 

He was born to his parents, Antonio M Reid Sr and Emma Reid, in 1956

He has his birthday on June 7

Age And Net Worth 

Erica's L.A. is 67 years old. He has a net worth of $300 Million. Her source of income is record executive and producer

L.A. Is Good With The Current Music Industry

L.A. has been in the music industry for a long time now. 

He brought many pop stars, and for him, talent, personality, and hair are the three essential things a person should have to become an excellent pop star.

L.A. said that hair is essential in the song because it’s something people could copy when someone reaches over the top. 

He was then asked about the current music industry and what he feels about the lack of tour and sales the music industry is facing. 

L.A. said he doesn’t see sales and tour lack as the problem of this generation's music. 

Instead, he feels that everything is going great in the industry now and feels jealous about Adele selling 3 million copies of her song Hello in just a week.

L.A. Is A Predator

L.A. is a well-known record executive and producer

He had worked with Epic Records for years as CEO, but in 2017, he left the record. 

News about his allegations came along after his exit news came out in the media. 

It was known that he was accused by multiple women who worked with him on the record. 

According to those women, L.A. sexually abused them and created a toxic environment for them to work. 

His female assistants revealed that L.A. asked them to lie down with him and hug him during the work trips. 

Also, one of his co-workers claimed that L.A. touched her inappropriately at their holiday party in front of other guests. 

Elevator Scared L.A. 

In 2016, the world lost Prince Rogers, one of the most excellent musicians

L.A. and Prince were very close to each other, and for him, Prince will always be the greatest singer. 

His death was devastating for L.A., and after his death, he talked about Prince in an interview. 

L.A. said that Prince’s song Let Go Crazy was about an elevator, and there was a time when Prince talked about an elevator with him. 

L.A. was alone with Prince when Prince asked him if he knew what the elevator was. 

L.A. replied that he did, and Prince told him that the elevator was the devil. 

It made him scared, and that thing shocked him and scared him even more when he got the news that Prince was found dead in the elevator.

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