Who Is Erica Ueda? Stunning Fiancee Of Cory Sandhagen

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Who Is Erica Ueda? Stunning Fiancee Of Cory Sandhagen

Erica Ueda is the girlfriend of professional mixed martial artist Cory Sandhagen. She is a physiology graduate

They met each other in 2018, and they started dating since then. 

Cory proposed to her in 2021, and they are getting married soon. They do not have kids together to date. 

Erica Ueda with her fiance Cory Sandhagen.
Erica Ueda with her fiance Cory Sandhagen. Source: Instagram

Cory's Win Over Rob Font

Cory dominated Ron in all five rounds, winning over Rob at UFC Nashville on Saturday

After the match, he said he wanted to put on an exciting fight in the ring. 

He said he had been dealing with a lot of elbow issues. He thought that he tore his triceps in the first round. 

He is looking forward to fighting against Sean O'Malley in Boston


Her fiance Cory is 31 years old

Net Worth

Her fiance Cory's net worth is estimated to be $2 million. He has managed to earn this fortune from his career professional wrestler

Erica Ueda's fiance Cory Sandhagen.
Erica Ueda's fiance Cory Sandhagen. Source: Instagram

Cory Talked About His Injury

In a post-match interview, Cory revealed that he tore his triceps muscle. 

He said he had struggled with some elbow issues for many months, but later he realized it was worsening. 

He said he had some guy in his mind whom he didn’t want to fight against. 

He said he loved the crowd and wanted to put on a good show. 

He added the crowd wanted to see some blood, but he said he had given and shed enough blood in the past. 

Cory Talked About Aljamain Sterling And Sean O'Malley

Cory said he had not seen Sean fighting at the highest level of fights. 

He said his fighting skills have not been tested against the best fighter in the world. 

However, Cory appreciated the last fight he had. He said he is a big guy in the division and a pretty good fighter. 

He said nothing cannot be said and predicted about him as he has not seen him much. Cory said Aljamain is one of the good competitors. 

Cory Talked About His Fight Against Chito Vera

Cory revealed before he fought against Chito, he was in a different mind space. He said he had never felt like that before. 

He said he had a body experience floating above the field. 

He shared that when he was fighting in the court, he was a better version of himself and felt like he was watching a show while fighting. 

He said he was thinking things and got to watch it and put it into action. He added it was a psychedelic experience for him. 

He said he had a sense of fear before he hit the cage. 

He told himself that he was not fighting the opponent, so he let his fear be there and exposed himself to do some warmup. 

He said he held his feelings. He said they told him that he had 10 minutes before the fight, and he was still in fear. 

He slowly took his steps, put on his gloves, and fought. 

Cory Wanted To Have A Sustainable Career

Cory said that he has come to a point in life where he has matured as a person and fighter. 

He added he tries to do everything correctly and puts only the right amount of pressure on himself. 

He talked about marrying his girlfriend this year, and in a couple of years, he would see himself as his kids' father. 

He said that's why he started thinking about what is sustainable to continue his career. 

He said I wanted to continue doing what he loves and continue his journey. 

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