Who is Erin Ayres? Wife of Benjamin Ayres

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Who is Erin Ayres? Wife of Benjamin Ayres

Erin Ayres is the wife of Benjamin Ayres. Her spouse is an actor known for playing Dr. Zach Miller of the CTV series Saving Hope

Her full name is Erin Borgfjoro Ayers. She has her own business named Easy Peasy Pancakes.

Erin Ayres with her husband, Benjamin Ayres.
Erin Ayres with her husband, Benjamin Ayres. Source: Instagram


Marriage And Children

Erin married her boyfriend, Benjamin, on 12 July 2008, and they have been married ever since. 

They have celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary as of 2023. 

They are a happy couple and parents of their two children, both daughters. Their eldest daughter's name is Evie.

Family of Erin Ayres.
Family of Erin Ayres. Source: Instagram


Her husband Benjamin is 46 years old

Net Worth

Her husband Benjamin's net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million

Benjamin's Last Name Makes Everyone Dyslexic

Benjamin's last name is Ayres, and in an interview, he said that most people mispronounce his name or can’t spell his last name correctly. 

He said he is okay with it as his surname is hard to get. 

He said many people had misspelled his last name, and because of that, they have sent emails to other Benjamin

He shared the scriptwriter of the movie Long Lost Christmas, written by Nancy, who has the same last name as his. 

He didn’t knew her before the movie. 

Ben Wants To Change His Photo On Wikipedia

Ben does not like his photo that is put on Wikipedia. 

He said that he attended some conventions several years back, and they have put that photo on Wikipedia

He was curious how to remove that photo and place another one. 

He shared he felt awful to be represented like that, as he was not okay with that photo. 

He said he would be happy if his picture gets replaced with the one where he was wearing a turkey hat from the movie Long Lost Christmas

Ben Recalled Working In Fantastic 4

Ben was part of a 2015 superhero film inspired by Marvel comics

He said it was his first time working on such a large-scale set because he only did a lot of theatres before that. 

He said the film was a very high-budget movie and the trailer were shot on Circus. 

He shared the cast was massive, and every cast has vast trailers. He added the Circus felt like a small town. 

He mentioned the movie-making process was prolonged, and they used to do only half a page a day. 

He said there were times when they spent an entire week shooting one scene. 

He said he met his acting teacher on the first day of the shoot, and she congratulated him for getting a part in such a big movie. 

His acting teacher told the secret behind the big movie. 

She told him he should stay inside his trailer and everyone in the set would forget about him. He didn't understand at first. 

She explained that the movie-making process is so slow that they will forget if he is on set, and he will get paid for a day. 

He said there were times when he was on set for 14 hours inside his trailer. He said it felt like a small prison. 

He used to bring VHS tapes with him so he could watch some movies and kill time. 

He shared that one day, he opened the door of his trailer, and someone called him and told him why he was there as he was needed on set that day. 

Ben revealed that he made so much money from that movie even though he was in the movie for a brief period. 

He added the director was great, and he was intimidated when he walked into other actors and saw them saying their lines. 

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