Who Is Erin Tucker? Mother Of Cole Tucker

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Who Is Erin Tucker? Mother Of Cole Tucker

Erin Tucker is the mother of American professional baseball shortstop Cole Tucker. She is married to her husband, Jackie Tucker

She shares three sons with her husband. She belongs to the white ethnicity. She is an American citizen.

Family of Erin Tucker.
Family of Erin Tucker. Source: Instagram

About Erin's Son Cole

Cole is a professional baseball shortstop and outfielder who plays for team Reno Aces. He was born to his parents in Phoenix, Arizona, in 1996

He has two siblings, one older, Quinn Tucker, and one younger, Carson Tucker. 

Erin Tucker with her son, Cole Tucker.
Erin Tucker with her son, Cole Tucker. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Cole

Cole is not married yet, but he is now engaged. Cole and his girlfriend, Venessa Hudgens, got engaged on Feb 9, 2023

His fiancee opened up about their engagement through her social media. She shared pictures of her wearing an engagement ring. 

Cole started dating Vanessa back in 2020. They met each other in a Zoom meditation group, and Vanessa was the one who made the first move in their relationship. 

They fell in love and started dating in 2020. 

Cole Tucker with his partner, Venessa Hudgens.
Cole Tucker with his partner, Venessa Hudgens. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Her son Cole is 26 years old. He has a net worth of $18 Million.

Cole’s Fiance Learned Baseball For Him

Cole and her current fiance Vanessa Hudgens have been dating since 2020, and the couple seems happy and enjoying their love life. 

Her fiance is a well-known actress, and in one of the interviews with Kelly, his fiance opened up about how healthy her relationship is with Cole and shared that she knew nothing about baseball before meeting him.

Vanessa’s dad introduced her to baseball when she was young, but she never had an interest in it. She was not as sporty as Cole. 

Cole is active and plays every sport, but Vanessa is quite the opposite. But she did like watching basketball and sports ball. 

She said that after she started dating her baseball player boyfriend, she started getting to know about baseball and learning and growing her knowledge on it. 

Also, she now knows how the baseball game works. 

Cole’s Dream Came True 

Cole is one of the greatest baseball players. He is currently playing for his team, Reno ace, and he is super happy to play in the triple aaa team. 

Cole himself shared that playing for Rean and being its part was something that he never expected. 

It is such a massive thing for him, and he feels like his dream has come true. 

He said that if he knew that he would play for Rene as a child, he would be pleased and shocked. 

He said that his parents have been supportive of him throughout his baseball journey, and he has also gotten immense support from his girlfriend. 

His girlfriend has always been there for him, traveling, bouncing, and doing so for him. 

He said that he is in debt to his girlfriend as she has done so much for him. 

He described her girlfriend as a successful independent woman and someone with whom he feels complete.

Cole Honored Dr. MLK

Cole is one of the most successful baseball players, and there is no doubt that baseball is his priority, but rather than baseball, he is also focused on other stuff and believes in raising his voice for something good. 

The baseball player recently opened an online contest to raise funds and awareness for Drum Major Institute, founded by Dr. Martin King Luther

That institute focuses and works on voting rights, economic justice, and racial equality. 

To honor Dr. MKL, he opened a contest where he would be doing video calls and giving away his game tickets as prizes. 

He wanted him to be involved in the MKL’s non-violence movement and honor him by doing the small things from his side. 

Cole Is Proud Of His Family 

Cole was born to his mother, Erin, and his father, Jackie Tucker. His dad is also a former baseball player who played for Southern College

Dad was African-American and the first black person to play in that college. Moving from a tiny town to somewhere prominent was difficult for his mom and dad. 

His mom was white, and his dad was black, and as they were an interracial couple, they faced difficulties, but despite everything, they managed to do. 

Cole’s grandmom was the first African American who worked as a teacher in Melbourne, Fla, and she taught there for 30 years

He is proud of his mom and dad, and grandmom. He is also on his origin and how his parents raised him. 

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