Ervin Braun - Who Is Scooter Braun Father?

by Mela Sun Aug 20 2023 Updated On Wed Mar 06 2024
Ervin Braun - Who Is Scooter Braun Father?

Ervin Braun is the father of Scooter Braun, who is an entrepreneur and business manager. 

He is known as the manager of artists like Ariana Grande and Justin Biber.

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Ervin Braun with his son and wife.
Ervin Braun with his son and wife. Source: Pinterest

His parents are Holocaust survivors

Ervin's parents are Holocaust survivors. His father survived the concentration camp, and his mother survived Auschwitz. 

His mother used to work in a sweatshop. 

Scooter, in an interview, revealed that he tragically lost his grandfather when he was just 14, and his grandmother is now in her 90s. 

Scooter also added that his grandparents, being Holocaust survivors, have played a significant role in his life. 

He further revealed that his grandmother was only 15 when she was in Auschwitz, and his grandfather died when he was 14 and he was in Bergen-Belsen and Dachau. 

He advised everyone to be grateful for their life as nothing is guaranteed, and everything could be taken away tomorrow.

Married life

Ervin Braun tied the wedding knot with Susan Braun. Ervin and Susan are Jewish. 

Susan, who was born Susan Schlussel, used to work as an orthodontist. Ervin used to work two jobs. 

He was a dentist but also used to be a high school basketball coach. Ervin's lived in Hungary until 1956

They moved to the United States when there were problems with the Soviet Union. They resided in Cos Cob in Connecticut

From their marital bliss, they became parents to five children among which two were adopted. 

Talking about his son Scooter, he married Yael Cohen in 2014, and they have three kids. 

He has a son named Jagger, who was born in 2015, another son named Levi, who was born in 2016, and a daughter named Hart, who was born in 2018

He is living in California with his family. 

 Ervin Braun's son and grandchildren.
Ervin Braun's son and grandchildren. Source: Instagram


His son is 42 years old.

Net worth

His son, Scooter Braun, has an estimated net worth of about $500 Million.

Scooter started his career at a young age 

Scooter Braun's full name is Scott Samuel Braun. He was born on June 18, 1981, in New York City

He grew up in Connecticut with his siblings, Adam and Liza. He went to Greenwich High School and was even the class president. 

He made a video about history that got noticed and was sent to a museum by Steven Speilberg

He played basketball when he was younger and also organized parties. 

When he was 19, he got a job in music marketing, and by 20, he was a major part of a record label. 

He organized parties for events like basketball games and concerts. He dropped out of university to focus on his career.

Scooter Braun and Justin Biber are splitting?

Scooter has been the longtime manager of Justin Biber, but there were rumors spreading that they might be ending their working relationship. 

A reporter says they haven’t talked in a while, but both Justin's and Scooter’s representatives deny this. 

Scooter has been managing Justin since the beginning of his career.

Their current contract still has some time left, but it seems they might part ways when it's over. 

Lawyers are involved, and Justin is looking for new management. 

There is no sure reason for their split, but Justin and his wife Hailey have been making lots of changes lately.

Justin canceled his tour, changed his agency and lawyers, and even sold his music rights for a lot of money. 

Scooter sold his company to a big Korean company, and Justin went along with it.

Justin has been quiet this year and his latest album was released in 2021. He canceled a tour in 2022 due to health reasons. 

However, the rumor is not true, and Justin is not ending his partnership with his manager, Scooter

The fans got worried after Scooter seemed unaffected by the rumors of sharing pictures of himself having a good time with friends, including Usher, on Instagram. 

Fans commented on the post saying Get me Justin and What happened with Justin?

Justin and Scooter have been close since Scooter discovered Justin on YouTube in 2006

Scooter Braun bought Taylor Swift's music

Scooter Braun admitted that he learned a big lesson from his dispute with Taylor Swift

He thought that people would be eager to collaborate with him after he bought Taylor’s music. 

But he was wrong. He realized he shouldn't jump to conclusions about other’s intentions. 

Taylor Swift is re-recording those songs to have control over her music. She released new versions of Fearless and Red albums. 

Taylor hinted about something exciting at her concert and it was about re-releasing her 1989 album. 

She is happy because she added new songs that were never released before. 

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