Estavana Polman

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Estavana Polman

Estavana Polman is a Dutch handball player. She is well known as the player of Team Esbjerg and the Dutch national team

She is the daughter of Winnifred Polman and Willem Polman. She has two siblings. 

Family of Estavana Polman
Family of Estavana Polman   Source: Instagram 

Marriage And Children

Estavana has been married to a former Dutch football player Rafael Van Der Vaart

They first revealed their relationship publicly in August of 2016. Since the date, they have been together.

A few months after their relationship news, they announced that they were expecting their baby. 

They gave birth to their first child on 24 June 2017, a baby girl named Jesslynn. They now are living together happily.

Estavana Polman with her husband Rafael Van Der Vaart
Estavana Polman with her husband Rafael Van Der Vaart  Source: Instagram

About Estavana Polman 

Estavana was born on 5 August 1992. She was raised in Arnhem, Netherlands. She has started playing handball at a very young age. 

She played on the Netherlands team at a very early age. During that time, she was also able to win medals. 

She plays for Team Esbjerg. She is also a team member of the Dutch national team

Estavana is currently married to footballer Rafael Van Dar Vaart and has a daughter.

Estavana Polman with her mom
Estavana Polman with her mom  Source: Instagram 

Age, Height, And Weight

Estavana is 29 years old. Her height is 1.74m.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Estavana is $1-$5 Million. She earns as being a Handball player. 

Estavana Polman Missed Euro Cup Due To An Injury

While playing many players gets injured, Estavana also gets injured from time to time. But in 2020, she was majorly injured. 

She tore her knee ligament and went through surgery. Her surgery was successful, but she needs a year or at least 9 months of rest. 

She was sad because she wanted to play and win titles for her team. Euro Cup was on the line, and her injury made her out of the team. 

She wanted to play for the national team, but couldn't. 

The doctor said that she was going to heal in a year. She  continuously worked hard physically and mentally to heal sooner.

Estavana's Family Motivates Her

Every handball fans know how big of a player Estavanna is. 

She has achieved a lot of appreciation and awards for her brilliant performance. But things aren't the same every time. 

She has also lost many important matches in her career. 

She gets frustrated sometimes and gets irritated from her daily life and matches. 

But after she gave birth to her daughter, her life sort of changed. 

She knows that her family is waiting for her in home, making her calm and composed even if she loses a match. 

She also loves playing matches even more, and her family is watching her. 

She feels proud of her job and represents her national through the same field. 

Her family is also proud of her, which motivates her every time.

Rafael Van Der Retired After An Injury

Rafael has played with many great teams like Real Madrid, Ajax and Tottenham.

He thought he would play as far as possible, hence joining the Esbjerg club. 

But unfortunately, just 55 minutes of playing with the club, he realized that his playing days were over, and he could not play further due to his injury.

He then declared his permanent retirement from his football career. It was sad news for his fans.

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