Eugene Theroux

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Eugene Theroux

Eugene Theroux is the father of American producer and writer Justin Theroux

He is a lawyer who works at a law firm named Baker and McKenzie, located in Washington.

Wife and Children

He was married to a woman named Phyllis Grissim Theroux. She was born on 1939 February 22

Currently, she is 82 years old. She is a well-known writer. Her famous work is "California and other states of Grace."

She is the creator of the Night Writers Seminar. Mostly, she is renowned as a children's author. 

She is also a creator for "The News Hour."

Eugene Theroux ex-wife Phyllis Theroux 
Eugene Theroux ex-wife Phyllis Theroux  Source: Pinterest

The couple has two children together. 

His son's names are Justin Theroux and Sebastian Theroux. Justin is his elder son, whereas Sebastian is the youngest one. 

He also has a daughter named Elizabeth Theroux.

They were one happy family having a lot of love and care for each other. 

Eugene is a combination of Italian and French-Canadian, whereas his wife is German and English.

The couple separated after several years of marriage. Later Phyllis married a man named Ragan Thomas

Eugene's family is the talented one. His ex-wife is known for writing children's novels. 

His elder son is involved in acting, writing, and directing, and his second son works as a writer assistant. They all are engaged in some jobs.

About his younger Son

Sebastian is the junior in his family. He was born in Washington DC in the year 1989, which makes him 31 years old

He used to work as a production and writer assistant.

Eugene Theroux sons Justin Theroux and Sebastian Theroux
Eugene Theroux sons Justin Theroux and Sebastian Theroux  Source: Pinterest

About Elder Son, Justin

Justin, a 49 years old man who is a well-known American producer and actor. 

He was born on 1971, August 10. He went to Lafayette Elementary School, Annunciation School and the Field School.

He completed his bachelor's in arts. From the time he was at Buxton School, he began to act.

Eugene Theroux elder son, Justin Theroux
Eugene Theroux elder son, Justin Theroux    Source: Instagram

During the year 1996, he got his very first movie. Till today he has done many movies, music, videos, and television series. 

He is also involved in voice cast and directing films. He made his debut in music videos in 2003 through a band named Muse

He is a writer of a movie named Rick of Ages, Iron Man 2, a very well-known film. 

He has been awarded as 'Best Actor in Play' (2017) and 'Outstanding Variety Special' (2019 and 2020).

Son Married to Jennifer Aniston

Justin had been in a 14 years long relationship with a girl named Heidi Bivens

But after dating for such a long time, they broke up in 2011

Shortly after his breakup, he started to date his movie actress, Jennifer Aniston

After dating for a year, they were engaged in 2012. Justin and Jennifer got married in 2015, August 5.

Many people loved this beautiful couple, but unfortunately, they broke up after staying together for six years in 2017.

Eugene Theroux son Justin Theroux with his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston
Eugene Theroux son Justin Theroux with his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston  Source: Instagram  

A Huge Gap Between his Sons

Eugene has two sons. The age gap between them is huge.

According to their birth date, they have an age gap of 18 years. Having such a big gap never made a problem in their bonding. 

It was found that they love and enjoy each other company. They spend time with each other whenever they get a chance.

Justin loves doing illustrations. He has got a weird hobby, which is collecting teeth and displaying them. 

He used to enjoy collecting teeth from a dentist and decorate in their table.

Net Worth and Earnings

Eugene Theroux is a lawyer and the average salary of a lawyer in a year is $144230.

His net worth is not found. But the net worth of his elder son, a famous writer, and the director, is $40 million.

Justin net worth and income source is listed below.

Net Worth40 million dollars
Income Source

Acting, Writing, Directing, 


Age Weight and Height

  1. He was born in the year 1938, April 29. He is 83 years old now.
  2. His information about weight and height is not available.

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