Who Is Eva Garland? Daughter Of Alex Garland

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Eva Garland is the daughter of novelist and filmmaker Alex Garland. Her mother is Paloma Baeza.

She has a brother named Milo Garland

Mother Of Eva Garland.
Mother Of Eva Garland. Source: Pinterest

Parent's Married Life

Eva's father, Alex, is happily married to her mother, Paloma Baeza. Her mother is an English-Mexican actress. They have two kids together. 


Her father, Alex, is 53 years old

Net Worth

Her father, Alex, has an estimated net worth of $5 million

 Father Of Eva Garland.
Father Of Eva Garland. Source: Pinterest

Alex Shared How He Discovered Annihilation

Alex directed a movie called Annihilation, based on a book called Southern Reach Trilogy, "Annihilation" by Jeff VanderMeer

In an interview, he said he worked with a producer on a movie called Ex-Machina, and he sent that book to him. 

He advised him to take a look at that book. 

He read that book, and as he was reading the book, he wanted to adapt that book. 

He said the book was original as a book and strange itself, and that was the thing that attracted him the most. 

He shared the book has the strangest atmosphere. He added it was like having a dream while reading that book. 

He said there were a lot of issues with how they adapted it. 

He mentioned he had worked on some adaptations before where one had a particular narrative, and they just cut and pasted it. 

He said he knew how adaptation works. He talked to Jeff about the adaptation of his book. 

He said he wouldn't be able to do everything in his book thoroughly and added he wanted his blessings and permission from Jeff

He wrote the screenplay and showed it to him, and Jeff liked it. 

Alex Talked About Working With Isaac Oscar

Alex worked with Isaac Oscar on the 2014 movie Ex-Machina

He said that Oscar naturally fitted into the character as he is a self-possessed actor. 

He said he had his thoughts and ideas and was used to arriving between takes. 

He shared he used to try things differently. 

He said he was a brilliant actor, and as a person, he had a good sense of humor and was witty. 

He added he was always relaxed. 

Alex Talked About The Inspiration Behind Ex Machina

Alex wrote and directed a movie called Ex Machina, a science fiction psychological thriller. 

He said the movie was all about self-destruction, and there was a theory behind it about why they did that. 

He said there is always something that obsesses him for some reason, and in that case, self-destruction made him draw his inspiration from. 

He shared he had become aware that people in the room were self-destructive. 

He mentioned whenever they meet people, their self-destructive behavior is apparent and those people are either alcoholics, drug addicts, or criminals. 

He said they see them the way they present them and added he found the meaninglessness of self-destructive behavior captivating. 

He added that even the supernaturally prepossessed person is falling apart from their job and marriage, which becomes the kind of fixation that is the foundation of the film. 

Alex's Highly Anticipated Movie Trailer Of Civil War Has Just Dropped

Alex is making an action movie called Civil War that features Kirsten Dunst, who plays the role of a warzone photographer. 

The film will be released in 2024. 

The trailer showed that 19 states of the United States were withdrawn from the union and were made of factions consisting of 'The Florida Alliance and the Western Forces.  

The movie combines a road movie and a satirical war film. Civil War would be the fourth movie directed by him. 

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