Who Is Ever Leo Reich? Son Of Lea Michele

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Ever Leo Reich is the son of American actress, singer, and songwriter Lea Michele. His father's name is Zandy Reich

He was born on August 20, 2020, and is three years old. He is an American citizen by his nationality. 

About Ever's Mom Lea 

Lea is an American stage and TV actress, singer, and songwriter

She is well known for her appearance in the sitcom "The Mayor" as Valentina Barella

She was born to her parents, Edith Sarfati and Marc Sarfati, in the year 1986. She is an American citizen of her nationality. 

Ever Leo Reich and his mom, Lea Michele.
Ever Leo Reich and his mom, Lea Michele. Source: Instagram

Parent's Married Life

Lea is currently married to her husband, Zandy Reich. Lea met Zandy in 2015 at a mutual friend's marriage function. 

They started their relationship as friends, and shortly after knowing each other, and by the year 2017, they got engaged.

Lea tied the knot with Zandy in 2019. As of now, they are parents to one son, Ever Leo

Parents of Lea Michele.
Parents of Lea Michele. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Lea is 36 years old. She has a net worth of $15 Million. Her source of income is acting and singing.

Ever's Name Is A Stolen Name

Ever Leo got his name from his mom, Lea.

Lea revealed in Kelly Clarkson's show that she kept his son's name ever after she heard Alanis Morisette keeping her son's name. 

She liked it so much and wanted to give the son the same name, so she kept her son's name, Ever

After Lea revealed about stealing Alanis's son's name, she felt guilty and said she shouldn't have told the truth. 

Even her husband doesn't know that their son's name is stolen. 

Everyone in her family thinks she is the only one with such a unique name. 

They all liked the name very much, so she felt she should have lied in the show so no one knew the name had been stolen.

What Happened To Ever Leo? 

Ever Leo is a celebrity kid who became famous because of his parents. 

His mom, actress Lea, has been very open about him since birth. 

A month ago, his mom shared about him getting hospitalized because of some severe health issues. 

His mom, Lea, shared this news through her social and wrote how heartbroken she and her husband were to see their baby dealing with such an issue. 

Although Lea hasn't revealed the exact reason Leo got hospitalized, she did note that it was some scary health problem. 

Lea had cried in the hospital bathroom, and as a parent, she and her husband tried to be as strong as they could. 

Because of Leo's condition, Lea missed her two Broadway shows of Funny Girl. Thankfully, Leo did recover from his health issue in a short time.

Lea Is A Racist

Lea has been in the film industry for a long time now. 

She is famous for her role play in Glee as Rachel Berry, and despite her acting, she is also very popular for being in controversy. 

Back in 2020, she was accused of being a horrible racist by her cast member of Glee

The whole racist thing started after Lea tweeted about her supporting Blacklivesmoment after the George Floyd incident. 

In the same tweet, her Glee co-star actress Samantha revealed how mean and bullying Lea was to her while working on Glee.

Samantha belongs to the black community, and Lea made sure to make her work experience a living hell. 

After that, many other black actors revealed Lea's cruel behavior towards them on set.

Some of the actors of Glee were forced to leave the show just because of Lea's misbehaving.

Lea Is Too Superstitious

Lea opened up about her being superstitious in Jimmy Fallon's show

She revealed that she did know about her belief in superstition but realized her too superstitious nature when she went out with Jonathan Grough and John Gallagher

She was carrying a massive bag with strange things like her son's car, an X-Mas ornament given by her mom, and other things that she considers a good luck charm. 

Even when she and Jonathan used to work in the show Super Awakening, they used to buy a quote book, pick a quote from there, and read every night. 

They ran through every line in the show every day until it ended. Lea also said that she does 12 grapes in the New Year.

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