Who Is Exton Elias Downey? Son Of Robert Downey Jr.

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Who Is Exton Elias Downey? Son Of Robert Downey Jr.

Exton Elias Downey is a celebrity kid. He is the son of famous actor and producer Robert Downey Jr.

His mother Susan is a movie producer. He has two siblings, a sister, and a half-sister. He was born in Los Angeles.

Exton's Mother Didn't Like His Father

Exton's parents met each other back in 2013. His mother was a producer of the movie and Robert was playing the lead in that movie.

Exton Elias Downey's parents Robert Downey Jr. and Susan Downey
Exton Elias Downey's parents Robert Downey Jr. and Susan Downey. Source: Instagram

Susan was very professional so she was determined that she won't get involved with any cast member. So she kept her distance from him. 

In an interview, she revealed that she was not attracted to him in the first place. Later she started liking him, and without realizing she was dating him. 

Robert proposed to her on her 30th birthday. They exchanged their wedding vows a year later. They are married to date. 


Robert is 57 years old. He is 5 feet 8 inches tall. He weighs around 78 kg. 

Exton Elias Downey's father Robert Downey Jr. celebrating his 56th birthday
Exton Elias Downey's father Robert Downey Jr. celebrating his 56th birthday. Source: Instagram

Net Worth

Robert's net worth is estimated to be $365 million. He has managed to earn his fortune from his career as an actor and producer. 

His annual salary is estimated to be $3 million. He has made investments in real estate too.

Robert Fears Height

Robert said that had fear of heights. He said once he went to do some adventurous stuff with his cousin and his family. They went to a famous place where people jump off the bridge. 

He said one of the kids did that. He looked down the bridge just to get an idea of how high it was. He said it was an okay and manageable jump. 

But he thought that jumping into the moving water was a terrible idea. 

In an interview, he made a plan with Stephen Colbert that they will go for a base jump as both of them don’t like heights. 

He said that they are gonna jump and act like they are landing on water but they will end up in an 80 yards net like just like in a movie. 

Robert Talked About His Welsh Accent

Robert had to learn Welsh accent for the move Dolittle in 2020. He said there was a Welsh coach who helped him for the movie. 

Robert used to talk in a Welsh accent before the movie too. He said it was hard to talk in the Welsh accent perfectly. He added that he did well enough not to be fired by his Welsh coach. 

He said it was completely different from what he has done in the past and he mentioned that he wanted to level up his game. 

What Does Iron Man Mean To Robert?

Robert said that playing Tony Stark in Iron Man was the lifetime biggest opportunity for him. He said he loved working with Don Cheadle

He said that his fondest memory in Iron Man includes all the screen time he has with Don. He further added that he was always up for anything. 

Robert Talked About Working With His Wife

Robert had worked on nine movies with his wife. He said she is great at her job and they complement each other while working. They lean into each other. 

He mentioned that his wife has tolerated him over the years and that was the reason behind their long-lasting marriage. He further added that they balance their personal and professional life very well. 

Robert Kids Went To The Premiere Of Dolittle

Robert kids had never attended the premiere of any of their father's movies. But in 2020, they attended the premier of Dolittle for the first time. 

Robert said they liked his movies. He said they were just having fun eating cotton candy the whole time. 

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