Who Is Faith Margaret Kidman Urban? Son Of Keith Urban

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Who Is Faith Margaret Kidman Urban? Son Of Keith Urban

Faith Margaret Kidman Urban is the daughter of Australian Musician Keith Urban. 

Her mother's name is Nicole Kidman. She has an elder sister named Sunday Rose

Faith was born through a Surrogate and had her birthday on December 28.  

She is an Australian citizen.

Family of Faith Margaret Kidman Urban.
Family of Faith Margaret Kidman Urban. Source: Pinterest

Parent's Married Life

Keith is currently married to his wife, Nicole Kidman. They met each other back in 2005 at an event. 

They remained friends, and they started dating each other after six months. 

Keith happily tied the knot with Nicole in 2006, and they are parents of two daughters. 

His wife Nicole has two adopted children, a son, and a daughter. 

His wife adopted those children with her ex-husband Tom Cruise. 

Parents of Faith Margaret Kidman Urban.
Parents of Faith Margaret Kidman Urban. Source: Instagram

Ex-Partner Of Keith 

Before marrying Nicole, Keith was in a relationship with Niki Taylor.

The couple dated in 2004, and while they were dating, they even lived together. 

They dated for two years, and after that, they broke up.


Faith is 11 years old.

Net Worth 

The net worth of her father, Keith, is $74 Million. His source of income is Musician.

Concert In Boxing Venue

In one of the interviews, Keith opened up about the first concert that he had gone to. 

He is a great country musician, but when he first went to the concert, he was shocked looking at the crowd. 

He was only five years old and went to Johnny Cash’s concert. 

He and his two years old younger brother wore a western dress, and they wore the proper dress. 

The concert happened in a boxing venue with a huge crowd. 

They were shouting, and the people's voice was very loud for her. 

He was unknown of what was happening. 

Then suddenly, the lights turned off, and the voice of the people even got louder. 

It was the first time he had ever heard such loud noises, which was very intense for him as he was just five years old.

Struggled With Substance Abuse 

Back in the day, Keith had struggled a lot due to substance abuse. 

In one of the talk shows, he opened up about battling alcoholism and drug abuse. 

He said he is allergic to it, and after taking drugs and drinking, he breaks out into cuffs. 

He said that he personally doesn’t have any problem with people using drugs and alcohol. Still, he doesn’t like recalling his past memories and talking about the situation he has already left behind. 

He used cocaine and struggled because of the substance abuse. 

He had also gone to rehab many times, but the great thing is that his addiction created no influence on his music. 

He used to write songs even when he was drunk. 

He later realized that it was not good for him. He had to overcome anyhow.

Took His Daughters To Kidz Bop Concert

Keith is currently married to his wife, Nicole, and he has two daughters with his wife. 

Keith loves his daughters, and he took them to a concert when they were very small. 

His eldest daughter was only five, and his youngest was three.

He took them to Kidz Bop with them. He and his wife also went there. 

Kidz Bop is a musical band of small children, and the band member came and started playing cover songs. 

The concert happened in Ryman Auditorium, and Keith was on the balcony with his family. 

When the band was performing their song, he saw his little daughter's headbanging in their song. 

It was an extraordinary but amazing moment for him to see his daughter's head banging.

Keith Grew Up With No Intimacy

In one of the interviews, Keith talked about his complex relationship with her father. 

He was born in New Zealand but was raised by his parents in Australia. 

When he was ten years old, his house got burnt, but luckily no one got hurt. 

He said that his father had struggled with alcohol and drugs, and his father never said that he loved him. 

The only thing that kept Keith and his dad together was country music. 

They both were passionate about country music. 

Although he had a complex relationship with his dad, he always credits his dad for his successful career.

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