Who Is Felicia Combs Parents And Boyfriend?

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Who Is Felicia Combs Parents And Boyfriend?

Felicia Combs is an American professional broadcast meteorologist and journalist

She is known for working as a broadcast meteorologist at The Weather Channel. She was born in the year 1989 in Florida, USA

She has her birthday on May 27. Her dad is a lawyer, and her mom worked as a secretary at a local firm

She belongs to the Hispanic-American ethnicity. 

Relationship Status

Felicia is not married yet, so she doesn't have a husband. Also, she is currently not involved in dating, which means she is single. 

Felicia Loves Her Nephews

Felicia doesn't have her own children, but she does have two adorable kids in her life. In addition, she has two nephews who make her auntie to the kids. 

Felicia loves them and loves her aunt's life. She cherishes spending time with them, and her nephews bring happiness to her life. 

She even took leave from work to spend time with her little ones on their birthday.  

Felicia Combs with her nephews.
Felicia Combs with her nephews. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth

Felicia is 32 years old. She has a net worth of $550,000. Her source of income is broadcasting meteorologists

Body Measurements And Height 

Felicia's body measurements are 37-27- 35 inches. She is 1.75 m tall.  

Stunning Felicia Combs.
Stunning Felicia Combs. Source: Instagram

Felicia Feels Blessed 

Felicia is currently in her 30s and doing quite well with her career and has met many people and made friends. 

Among all her friends, Felicia feels blessed to meet Francesca Amiker, her best friend. 

They met each other around 2018, and since then, they have been best friends. 

Back in 2021, Felicia posted a picture with Francesca appreciating her for being such a good friend to her. Also, she shared how happy she was for Francesca's new journey from Atlanta to LA as a news reporter

According to Felicia, finding a good female friend in her 30s was nearly impossible; however, meeting Francesca was the best thing that happened to her in her 30s.

She feels grateful to have Francesca in her life as a friend. She has been a selfless, caring, and loving friend to Felicia

They are more like sisters than friends, and Felicia is happy that god sent her the right person at the right time. 

Felicia with her friend, Francesca Amiker.
Felicia with her friend, Francesca Amiker. Source: Instagram

Felicia Got Into A Tornado

Felicia has been a meteorologist for different news channels for many years. 

Throughout her career, she has explained the different places' weather and told people to be safe. 

She never knew the importance of the words when she said them on TV until she lived with them. 

She experienced one of the horrific tornados while driving to Chipley with her team after her work was done. 

She was on the road when suddenly the wind started blowing, and debris was everywhere. 

She witnessed the house getting destroyed right before her eyes, which,h made her heartbroken. 

Just within a few moments, everything changed. 

A man named Marilyn Gross's house was eradicated, and his wife and son moved to his daughter’s house. 

Felicia was emotional when people shared their stories with her, and she shared her experience on her Instagram to help those people financially through Go Fund.

People Judged Felicia 

Felicia started her career as a broadcast meteorologist after finishing college and has come a long way. 

She was only 21 years old when she started giving updates to people about the weather. 

Her journey was not easy, as she had to endure a lot. 

She got fat-shamed by the people and got judged for her appearance. People threw bad and mean comments at her, which went harsh in her young days and made her cry. 

People commented on her hair and body, telling her to fix everything. 

She's on TV to tell people about the weather forecast and how it can affect people’s lives, and she has no idea why people care so much about her looks, makeup, and body. 

Felicia could now care less about those negative comments, as she knows her worth and cares only about her work. 

She is confident and intelligent, and just there on TV to give updates on the weather and doesn't let negativity affect her. 

Felicia Combs with her sister.
Felicia Combs with her sister. Source: Instagram

Felicia Believes In Working For Great Success

Felicia wrote her emotions and feelings in one of her Instagram posts. She expressed that people always expect less from themselves. 

She realized after meeting many people that people are always demotivated because they think they cannot do more and deserve less.  

Hence, she thinks this is why people do not achieve more of their thoughts. 

She believes that sharpening own insecurities and turning them into strength will make people achieve what they deserve.

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