Who Is Ferdy Mauboy? Father Of Jessica Maubey

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Who Is Ferdy Mauboy? Father Of Jessica Maubey

Ferdy Mauboy is the father of Australian singer, actress, and songwriter Jessica Mauboy. 

He is an electrician by his profession. His wife’s name is Therese.

They together have five daughters, including their singer daughter Jessica.

Ferdy was born in Indonesia and is an Indo-Australian by his nationality.

Ferdy Mauboy's wife and daughter.
Ferdy Mauboy's wife and daughter. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Jessica

Jessica is married to her long-time boyfriend, Themeli Magripilis. They got married in July 2022.

She is the only known relationship of the singer that came into public. 

They dated each other from the beginning of the year 2009 and are still together after 13 years. 

They were in a long-distance relationship from the beginning of their relationship as they lived away from each other. 

Magripills plays in Darwin as a football player, and Jessica is around Australia as she lives there. 

Fortunately for them, Magripills moved to Sydney to stay with Mauboy in 2016. 

 Jessica Mauboy with her husband, Themeli Magripilis.
 Jessica Mauboy with her husband, Themeli Magripilis. Source: Instagram


His daughter Jessica is 32 years old

Net Worth

His daughter Jessica has a net worth of  $6 Million.

Ferdy Mauboy's daughters.
Ferdy Mauboy's daughters. Source: Instagram

Ferdy Caught On Fire

Ferdy is an electrician by his profession. It indeed is a risky job as electricity.

Ferdy has never made any huge mistakes in his career, but a mistake from his colleagues led him to an accident. 

He was looking for an electrical problem at a site when his co-worker accidentally cut a single wire in place of all the wires. 

This caused an explosion at the site. Ferdy caught on fire. His half-body was burnt. 

His co-worker was also burnt. Fortunately, both of them were rescued safely and were hospitalized.

Jessica Doesn’t Like Her Songs

Jessica has created a lot of hit songs and has created a lot of audiences for herself. 

But still, she is always scared to write songs and sing originals. 

It is not because she doesn’t get love from her audience, but because, even if the audience loves the song, if she doesn’t enjoy it herself, then she has to sing it in every concert and performance. 

This will be too boring for her if the audience enjoys her songs; she will not feel satisfied while performing. 

Hence she expressed that she does write a song taking time so that she herself will love it.

Jessica Calls Herself A Boss Lady

Jessica was going on her musical tour after a long pandemic gap. 

She wanted something fresh to start from and to come back stronger after that long gap. 

But she couldn’t find the name of her tour. That is when a demo file on her computer helped her. 

She has worked with many independent women artists who are so much successful. 

Everyone is the boss of their wishes and own field. 

She remembered those memories from the demo file of the computer and named her tour boss lady. 

She considers herself a boss lady because of what she has achieved from her hard work. 

In addition, she expressed that she was managing everything for the tour by herself, which also referred to her as a boss lady.

Jessica Gave Her Past A Message

Jessica was asked in an interview what she would want to tell her past self if she could go back in time. 

She then revealed that she would tell her younger self never to give up. 

She revealed that she had also done the same thing in the past. She never gave up regardless of any situation. 

She stuck to what she loved to do and grinned till she became perfect. 

She also revealed that she is proud and confided in herself for taking out songs like Glow which is satisfying for her. 

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