Filomena Cancelo

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Filomena Cancelo

Filomena Cancelo was the late mother of famous football player Joao Cancelo.

She was married to Joseph Cancelo. Filomena and Joseph had two sons together, Joao and Pedro.

Filomena was from Portugal

Filomena Cancelo son Joao Cancelo
Filomena Cancelo son Joao Cancelo  Source: Instagram

Married life of Joao Cancelo

Joao is not married yet. He is happily in a relationship with his girlfriend Daniela.

They have been together for a long time but have not yet decided to marry. 

They together have a daughter named Alicia.

The couple announced their pregnancy on 23 June 2019, and Alicia was born on 23 December 2019.

They happily live together in Manchester City.

Past Relationships Of Joao Cancelo

Joao has not yet revealed his past relationships. Daniela is his first girlfriend who he has opened about. 

He seems to keep his life private and maintain the gap between personal and professional life. 

He does consider his mom the love of his life, but she is no more. 

Family of Joao Cancelo
Family of Joao Cancelo  Source: Instagram

About Joao Cancelo 

Joao's full name is Joao Pedro Cacaco Cancelo is a Portuguese football player born on 27 May 1994

He is well known to play in full back position in his team. 

He currently plays for the team Manchester City and his national team Portugal.

His parents raised him in Barreiro, Portugal, with his brother. 

He started his career as a young player in 2002 and started his senior appearance in 2012

His first senior club was Benfica. He also has been playing with Portugal's national team since 2012.

Joao, during his training
Joao, during his training  Source: Instagram 


Joao is 27 years old. 

Net Worth

The Net Worth of Joao is 33 Million euros. He earns as being a football player. 

The average income of a footballer is $28,704 per year. 

Filomena Cancelo Died In An Accident

Joao is the son of Filomena. They both shared a great bond. 

Filomena always supported her son Joao to pursue his dream of playing football. 

Joao is a great footballer now and plays for one of the top teams. But unfortunately, Filomena is no more to see it. 

Joao and his brother were with Filomena in the car and were on their way after dropping their father at the airport. 

On the way home, the car got into an accident. 

Fortunately, both the brothers were fine with minor injuries, but Filomena was pronounced dead.

That horrible incident took on 5 January 2013.

Joao Cancelo Was Attacked In The City

Joao has newly been transferred to one of the biggest football club Manchester City

The overall experience and feedback from the people in the club have been positive towards him. 

He moved to Manchester with his family. On December 2021, four people entered his house. 

They took all the jewelries and valuable things and tried to hurt Joao.

He had scars on his face after the he was assaulted by those men. He informed the police afterward. 

The club and the police are still trying to find those culprits.

Fortunately, his family was safe and sound. He stated those four men as a coward.

Joao Went Through Injury Before The World Cup

In 2017, Joao was an important player for his national team and club. 

But during his training session with the national team, he got injured. 

His knee ligament was torn. This affected his club matches and international matches as well. 

He took time to recover but came back fit.

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