Who Is Fin Sinclair? Son Of Olivia Colman

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Fin Sinclair is the eldest son of English actress Olivia Colman. His father's name is Ed Sinclair

He has a younger brother and a sister. He is an English citizen by his nationality. 

Parents Of Fin Sinclair.
Parents Of Fin Sinclair. Source: Pinterest

About Fin's Mother Olivia 

Olivia is an actress well known for her appearance in the Netflix series The Crown as Queen Elizabeth II

Her real name is Sarah Caroline Sinclair. She was born in the year 1974 and has her birthday on Jan 30

Parent's Married Life

Olivia is married to her husband, Ed Sinclair. They tied the knot back in 2001

Olivia shares three children, two of her kids are sons, and one daughter with her husband, Ed

How Did Olivia Meet Ed? 

Olivia and Ed had known each other for a very long time. They met each other for the first time while working on Cambridge University Production

They worked there and eventually started dating. For Olivia, she fell in love with Ed in a first look. 

They were both in their early 20s and when they began dating, they had nothing. Despite that, they were in love, and it was pure.

Age And Net Worth 

Fin was born in 2005, and his current age is 18. Olivia has a net worth of $10 Million. Her source of income is acting.

Olivia Felt Awkward During Sex Scene

Olivia and her co-star Michael Ward did a movie titled Empire of Light together. 

They co-starred together and had to perform the sex scenes. 

Olivia was very nervous doing the sex scenes with Michael, but Michael was too comfortable doing the scenes. 

Michael was supportive and made Olivia comfortable, so they started filming. 

They were all set, and the crew members started rolling and changing the set's lights. 

Olivia and Michael started getting intimate, and Olivia straddled Michael, but then out of nowhere, Michael started talking about his mom. 

He told Olivia that it was his mother's birthday, so Olivia asked Michael's mom's age. 

Michael replied that his mom would be 42 on the birthday, and as Olivia was older than his mom, that made her uncomfortable doing the sex scenes, so she shut him up and focused on doing sex scenes.

Olivia Came Across A Wardrobe Malfunction

Olivia was doing the movie Empire of Light, wearing a Spanx dress for her scenes. 

She was uncomfortable in the dress as it was a really heavy dress, and it wasn't easy to pee in that dress. 

She thought that she had to remove all the dress layers to pee and that she'd have to struggle for it. 

But her Australian stylist said an opening in the bottom of the dress allowed her to pee without opening the whole dress. 

She thought that she would give that a try. She struggled to find that opening at the beginning but peed eventually. 

After peeing, she realized that her skirt was wet. Then she came outside and told the Australian stylist that the thing didn't work. 

It wasn't very comfortable for her.

Olivia Had To Struggle To Be Queen

Olivia played the character of the Queen in the series Crown, and she was flawless in that series. 

Her work was appreciated. But in reality, she struggled to act. 

The role of the Queen was challenging for her, especially because her facial muscles moved a lot. 

She is a cheerful personality and loves expressing herself through her facial expression. 

She also cannot control her laughter. In the role of the Queen, she had to stay focused and strict, which was challenging for her. 

Then the production came out with an idea to let her focus more on her facial expression. 

They had her small earbuds and played the shipping forecast music for her, so she was severe every time. 

Surprisingly that worked well for her.

Olivia Is Nothing Like Queen

Olivia did a series named Crown, where she played the role of the Queen. 

In that series, she had to be in the discipline position, walking and talking like the Queen, and she was really bad at it. 

She said that she had been told by many that she walks like a farmer and even admitted that she has no control over herself and her body. 

But despite all those, she still did a fabulous job. She even won the Oscar award as the best actress. 

She then admitted that she loves to join the Oscar Award because they always have a bar right behind the stage. 

She loves spending time in bars rather than watching the show. 

She also revealed the maximum number of people attending the Oscars is always around the bars rather than at the tables In front of the stage.

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