Who Is Fiona Solomon? Mother Of Stacey Solomon

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Who Is Fiona Solomon? Mother Of Stacey Solomon

Fiona Solomon is the mother of Stacey Solomon, an English TV personality and singer

She was married to David Solomon. Their marriage didn't last long as they divorced after some years of marriage.

Fiona Solomon's daughter and ex-husband.
Fiona Solomon's daughter and ex-husband. Source: Pinterest

As A Supportive Mom

Stacey has 5.5 million Instagram followers. 

She always posts about her husband and children, but she never posts about her mother, Fiona, on social media because Fiona prefers to stay out of the limelight. 

Stacey appreciates her mother’s help with babysitting and household work and often thanks her on social media. 

Despite not appearing online, they share a close bond, and Fiona has been present at all of Stacey’s pregnancies.

Stacey values her mother’s support, especially during challenging times like teenage pregnancy. 

In 2021, Stacey wanted her mother to be present at her home birth, valuing their strong connection.

Fiona Solomon and her daughter, Stacey Solomon.
Fiona Solomon and her daughter, Stacey Solomon. Source: Pinterest


Fiona's daughter, Stacey, is 34 years old.

Net Worth

As an American TV personality, Fiona's daughter Stacey's net worth is about $5 million.

Stacey Addressing Criticism

Stacey shared pictures from her family’s holiday in Jamaica, addressing criticism about her spending. 

She thanked her followers for their support in 2023 and looked forward to the new year

Stacey encouraged letting go of negativity in 2021 and encouraged people to pursue what they missed or hesitated to do. 

She and her husband, Joe Swash, enjoyed a beach celebration with family, valuing the importance of love and happiness. 

Her fans praised her beautiful family while sending well wishes for the new year and expressing gratitude for the Joy Stacey brings through her stories. 

Stacey is married to Joe Swash. They have five kids.

Family of Stacey Solomon.
Family of Stacey Solomon. Source: Instagram

Stacey Shared Her Unexpected Pregnancy

Stacey talked about her life, starting with her childhood and teenage years. 

Despite being called Shallow Howl for her confidence, she had a  positive outlook. 

She describes her teenage self as unfortunate-looking but has got to be favored by being funny or naughty, even if it costs her some friends. 

At first, she didn’t seek fame; she only wanted to be a singer, actress, or dancer

However, her plans changed when she unexpectedly became pregnant during college. 

Instead of giving up, she finished her studies and pursued her entertainment career.  

She got to know about her pregnancy at 17. She shared feeling sick and overwhelmed, especially with her parents not providing much. 

Stacey decided by herself and managed through it. 

She expressed gratitude for her family’s support during this challenging time. 

Stacey's Emotional X Factor Journey

Stacey shared her emotional experience from her time on The X Factor

Despite being the last audition after a long day, she impressed the judges, which changed her life. 

She received praise from judges like Sharon Osbourne and Simon Cowell

Despite not making money from the show, she returned to her job at a chip shop. 

She later worked with artists like Houston and Alicia Keys

She shared her dreams, including winning an MTA award and the ups and downs of her life. 

The audience applauds as she opens up about her childhood, teenage pregnancy, and XFactor journey.

Stacey Was Called “Boring, Desperate  And Cheap” By A Magazine

Stacey shared her feelings of being hurt and shocked over a magazine calling her boring, desperate, and cheap. 

At first, she felt hurt, but her more significant concern was how such publications affect women’s self-esteem.

She has always been proud of her body confidence message, which the magazine attacked. 

She values the harm these publications cause, helping promote self-harming trends among young girls. 

The magazine claimed the story was based on social media comments to inspire debate, but Stacey finds the justification unacceptable and not journalistic

While the publication apologized, Stcaey sees it as a missed chance for positive change. 

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