Who Is Fiona Thwaites? Mother Of Brenton Thwaites

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Who Is Fiona Thwaites? Mother Of Brenton Thwaites

Fiona Thwaites is the mother of Australian actor Brenton Thwaites. 

She is married to her husband, Peter Thwaites. She shares two children a daughter named Stacey and a son named Brenton. She is an Australian citizen by her nationality. 

About Fiona's Son Brenton 

Brenton is a professional actor. He is well known for lead role in the TV series TItans as Dick Grayson

He has played in many movies and series throughout his acting career. 

He was born in 1989 and has his birthday on 10 August.

He grew up with his sister Stacey in Cairns

Married Life Of Brenton 

Brenton isn't married yet but is in a relationship with Chloe Pacey. They have known each other since 2015 as they had to share a room. 

At that time, Brenton was filming for the Pirates of the Caribbean series and needed a room, so Brenton and Chloe shared a room. 

They became closer and started dating shortly after knowing each other.   

A year after dating, they welcomed their first daughter Birdie. As of 2023, they are parents to three children and live happily together. 

Brenton Thwaites with his girlfriend.
Brenton Thwaites with his girlfriend. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Her son Brenton is 33 years old. He has a net worth of $8 Million.

Brenton Found Difficult To Change The Accent

Brenton has done a lot of movies in the American accent, although it is not his natural ascent. 

Being from Australia, changing his accent for the movies should have been challenging. 

But he said it was straightforward to do the LA's general or American general accent. 

However, in the movie "A Violent Separation," he had to change his accent to a general Southern American climb, which was intricate for him. 

He could have quickly done the harsh speaking in the movie, but the production wanted him to be more soft in his accent.

Although the trailer showed him a flawless accent, he still doubts whether he has done a perfect job or not.

Brenton Didn't Get Job In Gay Bar

Brenton revealed in an interview that when he first came to LA to persuade his dream of being an actor, he spent his money on many stupid things, and he and his friend were broke. 

So, they thought of getting a job for them to survive. His friend then suggested that they should get a job at a gay bar as there was a lot of money in that job. 

So, they went to West Hollywood to get a job at the gay bar. Brenton learned he had to go shirtless while doing the job, so he felt uncomfortable applying it. 

But his mate convinced him to ask for the job. But it didn’t matter as they didn't get the job there.

Brenton Couldn't Suppress His Emotion

Brenton did the movie Pirates of The Caribbean with Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom, and he described his experience working with Orlando Bloom in a small scene that carried a lot of backstory. 

Although it was just a minute and a half scene, he had to act like he had experienced that moment for over 20 years

He had to suppress all his emotions and act at the same time. He was nervous as he was not confident about suppressing his feelings. 

But Orlando kept him calm. Orlando made him comfortable by sharing his experience of working in the movie 15 years back, where there was no CGI, and they had to work naturally in an actual location. 

That helped Brenton do the scene much more quickly. 

Brenton Had To Audition 11 Times

Brenton was always into acting and drama, as he used to participate in plays at his school. 

He admitted that he was not too good at studying part, but his parents and sister were supportive of him being an actor. 

After graduating, he became an actor, and his parents were happy. 

He revealed that he was offered some movies very quickly without any audition, whereas for some movies, he had to audition more than one or two times. 

However, for the movie "Pirates of The Caribbean," he had to audition 11 times which was a lot, but he ended up getting the role.

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