Who Is Fivel Stewart Parents And Partner?

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Who Is Fivel Stewart Parents And Partner?

Fivel Stewart is an American actress. She is well known for her role as Izzie on the Netflix series Atypical

She was born to her parents, Renee Stewart and Nils Allen Stewart, in 1996. She has her birthday on 4th November

She grew up with her three siblings. She is an American citizen of her nationality. 

Family of Fivel Stewart.
Family of Fivel Stewart. Source: Instagram

Is Fivel Married? 

Fivel is not married yet, nor does she have a boyfriend. She is currently enjoying her single life. 

However, there have been rumors of her dating Andrew Kai previously. 

They were pretty close, and in the interview with The Permanent Rain Press, she revealed that she and Andrew moved together in Venice. 

None confirmed anything, so it’s unclear if they dated precisely. 

Age And Net Worth 

Fivel is 26 years old. She has a net worth of $1 Million. Her source of income is acting.

Fivel Shared A Kiss With Her Girl Co-star

Fivel talked about her kissing scene in Atypical. She played the role of Izzie, and her co-star Brigette Lundy played the role of Cassy

They played each other's love affair, so there was a scene when her character, Izzie, opened up about her feelings for Casey, and Casey started kissing her. 

Fivel and Lundy had been friends for a year before sharing that kiss. They kissed once in rehearsal and didn't feel weird, so they were good. 

However, Fivel felt very personal and excited when they kissed during this shoot. 

They didn't care about people watching them. They kissed for a minute because the shot was taken from different angles many times.

Fivel Worked In The Pandemic

Fivel shared her 2020 experience in an interview. 

There, she opened up about the pandemic and isolation that caused hard times for every person in the world. 

Because of an outburst of COVID-19, everything got shut down, and people were forced to stay in their houses isolated. 

Luckily, Fivel didn't have to stay in her house for long during the quarantine because she was busy with her shooting. 

She felt glad to be working during the virus outbreak. 

However, she opened up that even if she had to stay in quarantine, it might not create more problems for her because she loves staying at house. 

Before moving out, she lived on her dad's ranch, and there they had ample land with horses, so she didn't face any problem staying in quarantine.

Fivel Got To Learn From Her Character

Fivel played the character of Izzie in the series Atypical. The show received massive appreciation from the public, which Fivel feels grateful for. 

She played as the main lead for three seasons. She feels that her character, Izzie, is a fighter and someone with a lot of grace. 

During these three three years, Fivel felt lots of things. 

When she started playing her character, she felt that she and her character were utterly different from each other, but as time passed, her character became more transparent than it was in the previous season. 

She learned that she was a lot more similar to Izzie. Her character was outspoken, assertive, and a great believer like her. 

Fivel mentioned that the fans who have seen the show. 

Fivel Loves Cooking

Fivel is doing great in her acting career, and besides acting, she is interested in cooking. 

She revealed her cooking obsession in an interview with The Permanent Rain Press. 

She started cooking when she was 18, and since then, she has always shown interest in learning and cooking different dishes. 

Growing up, she watched her mom and dad cook, and both dishes they cooked had so much variety, making cooking more enjoyable for her. 

She always loved trying different recipes in her kitchen and went to cooking classes. 

She and her friend enrolled in Alexa Sota, a vegan chef's class. 

She learned to make rice pudding, hibiscus strawberry tea, jicama cucumber salad, and many different dishes there. 

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