Forrest Decker

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Forrest Decker

Forrest Decker is the son of Jessie Rose James Decker, who is a renowned American Country-pop singer and entrepreneur. 

His full name is Forrest Bradley Decker.

His Family

Forrest was born in March of 2018. His father's name is Eric Decker, a former football wide receiver who played in the National Football League. 

He played for the Denver Broncos. Eric was born on March 15, 1987. He is thirty-four years old. 

Forrest mother's name is Jessie Rose James Decker, born on April 12, 1988 in Vicenza, Italy. She is thirty-three years old. 

His parents got married on July 22, 2013. They are currently celebrating seven years of marriage. 

Forrest Decker parents
Forrest Decker parents   Source: Instagram

Forrest is the third child of Eric and Jessie. He has two elder siblings; one sister and one brother. 

His big sister is seven years old now, and her name is Viviane Rose Decker.

Forrest brother's name is Eric Decker II. He was born in the year 2015. He is five years old. 

Forrest Decker with her siblings Viviane Rose Decker and is Eric Decker II 
Forrest Decker with her siblings Viviane Rose Decker and is Eric Decker II   Source: Instagram

Forrest's Sickness

He has been hospitalized several times for constantly suffering from low oxygen. 

His mother stated in an Instagram post that when he gets a common cold, he starts wheezing, shaking and his oxygen level drops down, and his heart rate goes up.

Jessie revealed that once, he had been hospitalized three times in six weeks. Doctors told them that he has asthma even if he is too young to diagnose. 

She also mentioned that it's too hard for their family to watch his vitals drop, see him struggling to breathe, and hear his grunting. 

He was first hospitalized when he started coughing and puking. Doctors gave him strong medications and watched him the whole night. 

She said it's sad to see those triggering attacks of her child. She never thought that her son would have such a chronic disease. 

Jessie says he is a strong boy and a champ, but it breaks her heart when he says his chest is hurting in his small little voice.

He has to use the help of a nebulizer to comfortably breathe at such a young age. 

She posted this whole issue on Instagram to get help from fellow insta mothers and the viewers.

Forrest wearing a nebulizer
Forrest wearing a nebulizer   Source: Instagram

Career of Forrest's Mom

Jessie started her singing career at the age of seventeen. She had been rejected in several country labels, but she did not give up but looked in the beauty of singling and started working hard more than ever. 

She has signed to a record label named Mercury Records, Island Def Jam

She has released hits albums like Southern Girl City Lights, On This Holiday, Gold, Coming Home, Jessie James and so on. 

Her most famous songs are Flip my hair, Lights down low, I look so good, you are still the one, and so forth. 

Forrest Decker with her mom Jessie James Decker
Forrest Decker with her mom Jessie James Decker  Source: Instagram

She is also into acting. She starred in a television reality show with her husband. 

The show's name was Eric and Jessie: Game on. This show ran for a total of three seasons with 20 episodes. This show ended in 2017

Forrest Decker with his family 
Forrest Decker with his family   Source: Instagram

Net Worth

Forest is a small kid. He is too young to work. He has not even started his schooling. 

The net worth of his mother is shown below:

Net WorthSources
$2.5 millionSinger, Songwriter, Actor

Age, Height, and Weight

  1. He is three years old.
  2. His height is three feet two inches.
  3. His weight is fourteen kilograms.
  4. His nationality is American.

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