Who Is Frances Cole Fallon? Daughter Of Jimmy Fallon

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Who Is Frances Cole Fallon? Daughter Of Jimmy Fallon

Frances Cole Fallon is the daughter of stand-up comedian, actor, producer, television host, and singer Jimmy Fallon

She was born in 2014. She has a sister named Winnie Rose. She was born through surrogacy.

Frances Cole Fallon with her family.
Frances Cole Fallon with her family. Source: Instagram

Married Life

Jimmy is happily married to Nancy Juvonen. She is a film producer. 

They met each other for the first time on the set of Saturday Night Live but didn't connect then. 

They became friends on the set of Fever Pitch. They started dating each other shortly after that. 

They got married in 2007 on Sir Richard Branson's private island. They are blessed with two kids.

Parents of Frances Cole Fallon.
Parents of Frances Cole Fallon. Source: Instagram


Frances was born in 2014, and her current age is nine.

Net Worth

Frances's father has a net worth of $60 million

Frances Cole Fallon with her big sister.
Frances Cole Fallon with her big sister. Source: Instagram

Jimmy Is Accused Of Liking Everything On The Show

Jimmy is the host of the late-night show called The Jimmy Fallon Show. He has been in the business for nine years now. 

Because of his bubbly, loving personality and sweet gesture towards his guests over the years, he has been accused of acting friendly in front of the camera in the show. 

When he was asked about this allegation, he replied that the guests on the show come to his show to promote their movies, and he wanted that to work and make sure that he is selling their things correctly to the viewers. 

He said it takes time, money, and energy to make and market the movie or series, so he wanted to support them. 

Jimmy Loves Music

Jimmy is not just a comedian or actor. He is a good singer and musician, too. 

He is so in love with music that he has a room in his house which is filled with records. 

He has collected many records over the years. He also loves playing guitar and sometimes makes music on his own. 

He has an LPD player in that room. His love for music is shown on his show, which he has hosted for nine seasons. 

Fallon Talked About His Parents

Fallon shared that his parents were rigorous. He was born in a middle-class household. They were a family of four members. 

He said his parents were Irish Catholic, and they never allowed them to use dirty words or do anything wild. 

He shared that on Friday night, they were allowed to watch the videotape, but before that, his father used to assess all the videos, and once he approved of that video, only Jimmy and his sister were allowed to watch it. 

He shared his father used to edit things from videos children were not supposed to watch. 

He added he has Ronne Dangerfield's album with him, and his father used to scratch all the dirty words in the album with his car key. 

He said even though they were strict, it never impacted him. He said he had done some dirty things he was not supposed to do. 

He shared that his parents used to sing together for him and his sister and bow down in front of them, and they used to throw fake flowers at them. 

Jimmy Talked About How His Mother's Passing Affected Him

Jimmy's mother passed away five years back. He said it was hard for him to do the show when his mother passed away. 

He mentioned he wanted to cry, but he could not because he had a job to do. 

He added that the audience would not like to see the host of the show getting upset. 

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