Frances Lear- Tragedy Of Norman Lear Ex-Wife

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Frances Lear- Tragedy Of Norman Lear Ex-Wife

Frances Lear was the late ex-wife of Norman Lear, who is an American screenwriter and producer. Frances's real name is Evelyn

She was an editor, writer, and magazine publisher. Tragically, She died at the age of 73 years old, due to breast cancer.

Frances Lear's ex-husband and their daughter, Kate.
Frances Lear's ex-husband and their daughter, Kate. Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Frances was married to Norman in 1956. Norman was a screenwriter and producer.

They had two children, Kate and Maggie. Kate is the eldest daughter of Frances. She is a writer.

Maggie is her second child. She is the president of The Frances Lear Foundation.

Frances was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at 50. Her marriage ended in 1985, and she divorced her spouse in 1986.

Previously, she was married twice.

Frances Lear with her ex-husband, Norman Lear.
Frances Lear and her ex-husband, Norman Lear. Source: The US Sun

Her Tough Childhood

Frances had a tough start in life. She was adopted after her birth. When she was ten years old, her adoptive father committed suicide. He was struggling with depression.

Her adoptive mother remarried, and her stepfather began molesting her. She had to face an awful situation at a young age.


Frances was born on July 14, 1923. She died on September 30, 1996.  

Net Worth

As an American writer and producer, Norman's net worth is about $225 million.

Frances Lear's daughter, Maggie.
Frances Lear's daughter, Maggie. Source: People

Norman Died At The Age Of 101

Norman was a writer, producer, and developer. He passed away at the age of 101. 

He played a pivotal role in transforming American comedy with iconic sitcoms like All in the Family and Sanford and Son during the early 70s

Norman's shows were known for addressing severe societal issues, including racism, abortion, and war, within the framework of a comedy. 

His work earned numerous awards, including Emmys and a Peabody. Norman’s did more than just TV

He also worked in a movie-buying company called Avco Embassy Pictures

He became important in the music business, too. 

He was known for his liberal views and for giving money to causes he believed in. 

He started a group called People for the American Way to go against conservative ideas

Norman got big awards like the National Medal of Arts and a place in the TV Hall of Fame

Norman was born in 1922 in Connecticut and served in the U.S. Air Force during World War II

He became famous for making people laugh and think through TV shows. 

His work made a lasting impression on the entertainment world, mixing humor with messages about society. 

People appreciate his influence on TV and culture, and he will be remembered for his lasting contributions to entertainment. 

Norman Finds Joy In Laughter And Stays Hopeful

Norman talked about his life. He highlights the joy of laughter. 

He mentions a cooking secret he learned early on, valuing its significance in his family and career. 

Norman also talked about the impact of All in the Family, a show he produced, and his goal of making something relatable to people with different political views. 

He expressed the importance of laughter, how it brings people together, and how it has positively influenced his life by uplifting spirits. 

Norman shared stories about finding joy in simple things and creating TV that connects with diverse audiences. 

Norman also talked about his relationship with people, especially those who were unwell. 

He values learning from others even if they have different political views, and he mentioned staying friends with someone he disagreed with. 

Norman believed in the power of laughter and appreciating people no matter their differences.

He discussed his exciting work but mentioned how the pandemic has affected him negatively. 

Despite challenges, he keeps working on new shows. 

His wife suggests slowing down, but Norman finds it impossible. 

When it comes to loved ones, he values time together without regrets. He also talked about death. 

Norman finds leaving difficult but stays optimistic about what might come next.  

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