Who Is Francesca Nora Bateman? Daughter Of Jason Bateman

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Who Is Francesca Nora Bateman? Daughter Of Jason Bateman

Francesca Nora Bateman is known as the daughter of American actor Jason Bateman.

Her mother’s name is Amanda Anka, an actress, and producer. 

Nora’s parents have two daughters, including Nora. Her sister's name is Maple Sylvie Bateman

Nora’s eye color is brown. Nora is an American citizen by her nationality.

Family Of Francesca Nora Bateman
Family Of Francesca Nora Bateman  Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Jason

Jason is married to Amanda Anka. They got married in July 2001.

Jason is the father of two daughters.

Francesca Nora Bateman's parents Jason Bateman and Amanda Anka
Francesca Nora Bateman's parents, Jason Bateman and Amanda Anka Source: Instagram

How Did Her Parents Meet? 

Jason met his wife for the very first time when they were just 18 years old. They were friends before. 

Jason was done with short-term relationships then and wanted to be with someone permanently for whom he didn’t have to change himself.

Amanda knew him well, and she also knew his nature, and his moods, so they married.

Francesca Nora Bateman's father Jason Bateman
Francesca Nora Bateman's father, Jason Bateman Source: Instagram

Jason Secret To Looking Young

Jason gave an interview on Conan’s show where he shared his secret of looking good. At the very beginning of the interview, Conan complimented Jason for his looks. 

Conan asked Jason how he manages to keep himself looking so good all the time. 

Jason told that he doesn’t eat like a pig and now he doesn’t sleep for 15 hours a day which might be the reason for that. 

He looked at Conan’s face and complimented him that he looks even better and Conan answered Jason saying that he has changed his diet routine and workout routine. 

He eats gluten-free products and it has made him feel very light. Jason talked about his younger days and told that he didn’t look good in his past days. 

His face used to gather water and he looked as if he had gulped a whole Chinese food. 

Jason shared that his wife continuously reminds him to keep himself hydrated most of the time and not only that she even tells him to use toners, facials stuff, and moisturize. 

He has no idea about that stuff and he doesn’t even like doing it. On the other hand, Conan also told how his wife has changed his life. Before he used to eat a giant ham and now he eats kale. 

Jason told that kale travels very grumpily in his body. He had colonic and he got shocked when the looked at the stuff that came out of his body. 

When he was having colonic he told that a bike driving license plate and a tire of a tricycle came out of his body in a funny manner.

Using daughter to play golf? 

In the interview with Jimmy Fallon, Jason talked about his podcast daughter and many more. 

Jason was supposed to be in Stephen Colbert’s show but unfortunately, he got COVID so he went to Jimmy’s show. They were not prepared so they just had random talks. 

Jason told that he is a messy person because he doesn’t know if he is left-handed or right-handed. Jason writes with his left hand but when he has to throw he uses his right hand. 

Similarly, he throws and pools with his left hand but he plays golf and bat with his right hand. 

Jason loves playing golf but his wife hates seeing him play golf so she just yells at him asking why doesn’t he get rid of it. 

He has two daughters and his 10 years old daughter, Maple also doesn’t like golf. So he took his daughter to play as well. 

By doing so he could also play more golf and he told his daughter that if she plays golf then she and Jason could have more daughter-father time. 

They could travel and have fun and now his daughter is busy with her swing. After that Jimmy and Jason talked about Jason’s podcast “Smartless” which he hosts with Sean Heyes and Will Arnett

Jason's podcast is different from other podcasts because in his podcast one invites the guest and the other two don’t have any idea about who is coming. 

They don’t have to prepare and work on it. They just sat down with the guests and talk whatever they feel like and Jason likes that. 

Jason opened up about the embarrassing moment that happened with him on the podcast. 

Sean invited Paul McCartney, Paul talked about the Beatles and he had no idea about that band and he was thinking about what they were talking about. 

He didn’t know that Paul was also a band member of the Beatles and that was kind of embarrassing for him. 

Daughter’s Questions Made Jason Panic

Jason in an interview talked about his 11 years old daughter whose question made him panicked and speechless. 

Jason has two daughters and when he was giving his interview his daughters were 10 and 6 years old. 

As he was very busy he was not being able to give time to his daughters. So he told his daughters that he would take them on a trip one by one so that they could have father-daughter time. 

The kids agreed but his wife told him that he won’t be able to look after the kids and she dared him. He took the dare and thought that his 11 years old daughter won’t be able to that difficult to look at. 

He packed his things and went straight to the airport with his elder daughter. They were talking about easter egg and bunny. 

He had no idea what to talk to his daughter and suddenly his daughter asked if the easter egg bunny was real or not. He said yes but his daughter told him not to lie but still, Jason was saying yes. 

His daughter then told him to do a pinky promise if he wasn’t lying. Jason got speechless and he said the truth that the easter egg bunny is not real. 

After that, his daughter again asked Jason about the tooth fairy and asked why she left $20 after taking her tooth. 

He was panicking and stupidly answered his daughter saying that the tooth fairy didn’t have change so she left 20 bucks. 

His daughter used the pinky promise thing again and Jason had to tell her the truth. 

After that for a while there his daughter remain silent and after that, she again asked about the Santa clause, and because of the pinky promise he told his daughter that Santa Clause is also not real. 

He has just reached the airport and he was already done with his daughters' questions. 

He texted his wife about the things and his wife told him that he is a disgrace as an actor because he couldn’t even lie properly in front of a little girl. 

Jason Is Happy With The End Of Ozark

Jason in an interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon where he talked about his series. Jimmy appreciated Jason for his series “Ozark”.

Jimmy has been watching that show and he absolutely loves it. It is the best show that Jimmy has ever watched. He is on season 2, 2nd episode and he is watching it slowly because he doesn’t want to end it. 

Jason told that he and his whole team is shooting for the last season and he enjoyed being a part of the show. 

He feels fascinated by the writer as they have managed to keep them in big danger without killing them. They make so many mistakes but still, they are alive. 

Besides acting in the series, Jason has also been directing it. He does his acting part and after that, he goes to his directing work. 

The crew members there always call out to Jason for his help and he enjoys helping them. He loves acting but more over he loves directing. 

Now that his series is ending he is happy because it is ending in a very satisfactory way. Jason plays the character of Marty in that show and people are loving for his character. 

He told that fans like his character’s hair and how he is trying to help his family so that he could keep them alive. 

His character is dumb than he actually feels and because of that he makes mistakes and gets everyone in danger.


Francesca was born in 2006, and her current age is 15 years old.

Net Worth

The net worth of Jason is $30 Million. Acting is the main source of his hefty amount of income.

Jason Wanted A Break

Jason gave an interview on The Ellen Show where he revealed that he wanted to break as an actor. 

He expressed that he is thankful to God and everyone that his work was going on and that his movies and series were coming out. 

He also said that he felt blessed to work on projects and movies continuously. 

But still said that he had two daughters at home whom he misses every day. 

He wants to be with them and spend more time together with his family, but he cannot do so due to his tight schedule. 

Still, he revealed that he managed to meet for at least two days with his family. 

He hence said that he wants some free time from his work. 

He completed a series and was free at the time of the interview. 

But he said that he wants to be there for his family for maximum time.

Jason Likes To Read Reviews

Jason has been in the entertainment industry since his childhood.

Hence, he has been hearing about his acting from people around him.

But as social media is a good platform for review, his movies and acting are often reviewed by his followers and haters. 

He revealed that he really likes to read reviews about him and his movies. 

It helps him learn new things about himself and things that he needs to improve for his betterment. 

He revealed that he gets positive reviews from his fans and followers most of the time, which helps him keep making great movies and projects. 

But he expressed that he also faces some bad reviews. But he doesn’t get demotivated. 

Instead, he learns new things from it and tries to do better every time.

Wanting To Be A Talk Show Host

Jason said in an interview that twenty years from the interview, he wants to be a talk show host. 

For this statement, Stephen Colbert asked him if it was his retirement plan. 

He also said that being a talk show host was not easy as he thought. 

On the other hand, Jason said that he always liked to do the job of a host, and he gave a hint that it was not difficult to be a talk show host. 

For this reason, they exchanged their roles in the interview. 

Jason then hosted the show. Jason said it was easy to host the show with scripted paper and stuff. 

They then had some fun conversations.

Apology To His Co-Star

Jason’s co-star Jessica was verbally harassed by another co-star Jeffrey on set. 

During the process, rather than taking the side of Jessica, Jason decided to shut the fight and spoke for Jeffrey instead. 

He was hence trolled and criticized by people. Later he realized that harassment was wrong in any manner. 

He thought he ended the trouble but what he did was wrong. 

He later apologized to Jessica for his wrong deeds. 

He realized that he needed to take a stand for Jessica at that time and go against Jeffery.

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