Who Is Francesca Standen? Wife Of Clive Standen

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Who Is  Francesca Standen? Wife Of Clive Standen

Francesca Standen is better known as the wife of Clive Standen

Her husband is an actor known for starring in Vikings, Taken, Doctor Who and Robin Hood.

Francesca Standen's husband Clive Standen and daughter Edi Standen
Francesca Standen's husband, Clive Standen and daughter Edi Standen Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Francesca is happily married to Clive

They exchanged their wedding vows as husband and wife in 2007 at Babington House

The couple is blessed with three children, Hayden Standen, Edi Standen and Rafferty Standen

The couple has been together for more than 15 years.

In an interview, Clive said that he is always home by eight at night so that he can spend time with his wife and kids. 

Francesca Standen with her husband Clive Standen.
Francesca Standen with her husband, Clive Standen. Source: Instagram


Her husband, Clive, is 44 years old. He is 6 feet 2 inches tall

Net Worth

Her husband's net worth is estimated to be $3 million. Acting is his main source of income.

Francesca Standen's husband Clive Standen.
Francesca Standen's husband, Clive Standen. Source: Instagram

Clive Revealed How He Proposed To His Wife

Clive proposed to Francesca on top of Primrose hill when he was drunk. 

Then she said no as she wanted her proposal to be serious. 

So he planned the proposal for her in his head before proposing to her. 

He got loads of people to jump out in the streets, and they all had love letters and roses. 

He also had people with a t-shirt written Clive on it. He did all kinds of romantic stuff. 

He filled her whole house with helium balloons. 

Her idol was Elvis Presley, so he dressed up as Elvis Presley in his black combat costume. 

He went out to the fire department, and they let him slide down the pole and got into the fire engine and rode off and record a big message for her. 

He said that he didn't have enough money to buy her an engagement ring, so he decided to show his love for her and set up an all-day proposal. 

Clive Was A Bit Worried To Play In NBC New Drama "Taken"

Clive had ten scripts sent to him over a weekend, and his agent told him to read the script. His role in Viking was getting over, so his agent was trying to get him another job in between. 

Among the ten scripts, Taken was one of them. 

At that time, he thought that why do they need another Taken Tv show? 

He thought that the film's unique selling point was that the guy in the 60s was fighting half his age and didn't want to take away such a generic action. 

As a father, he related to his character as he would do everything to protect his children. 

When he read the script, which was written by Alex Carey and realized what the character needed. 

He realized that it needs to be set in real life.

Lesser Known Facts About Clive

Clive is a trained international Thai boxer. He got into martial arts during his teenage. 

Because of his skills, he did all the stunts in the show Taken by himself. He played the role of Rollo in Vikings

His fighting style is similar to Errol Flynn, who was one of the best of his time. 

He appeared as a guest star in the series Doctor Who. He likes to keep himself in better shape. 

He is a fitness freak. Clive enjoys doing period dramas. He is also a voice-over artist. 

He loves acting, and he wants to keep on doing acting until he is old. 

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