Who was Frank Mahoney? Late Father Of Suzanne Somers

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Who was Frank Mahoney? Late Father Of Suzanne Somers

Frank Mahoney is the late father of Suzanne Somers, an American actress and writer. He worked as a gardener and laborer.

Frank Mahoney's wife was Marion Mahoney, a medical secretary. 

They had four children: Maureen, Daniel, Michael, and Suzanne Somers.

Frank was an alcoholic and used to give trouble to his family. 

Frank Mahoney's wife.
Frank Mahoney's wife. Source: Instagram

About His Daughter

His daughter was born in 1946, and she faced challenges in her early life, including getting kicked out of a Catholic school and becoming a young mother. 

Suzanne played a character on Three’s Company and later asked for higher pay, but she was fired. 

She also became famous for promoting the ThighMaster exercise device in infomercials. 

Suzanne authored many books and advocated for issues related to aging and the body. 

Her career was built on a positive attitude towards sexuality. Her first husband was  Bruce Somers Sr. They had one son from their marriage, Bruce Somers.

After that, she was married to Alan Hamel. 

Suzanne Somers with her husband.
Suzanne Somers with her husband. Source: Instagram

Death Of Daughter

His daughter Suzanne was a famous actress known for her role in the TV show Three’s Company and her health and diet business empire. 

She passed away at the age of 76 due to breast cancer. She died at her home on October 15, 2023.

Despite some health challenges, she survived breast cancer for over two decades and continued to be active in various businesses, including Broadway and Las Vegas performances. 

Her family, including her husband, son, stepchildren, and grandchildren, survived. She died just a day before her 77th birthday.

Frank Mahoney with his daughter, Suzanne Somers.
Frank Mahoney with his daughter, Suzanne Somers. Source: Instagram


His daughter died at the age of 76.

Net Worth

His daughter Suzanne Marie's net worth is about $100 million.

 Children of Frank Mahoney.
Children of Frank Mahoney. Source: Instagram

Suzanne Skipped Chemotherapy For Breast Cancer

When Suzanne was 73 years old, she talked in an interview about how she had a different approach to aging.

She used to have trouble finding doctors open to alternative medicine, but now there are more of them. 

She became famous as the attractive blonde in Three’s Company and turned her fame into a successful business. 

She used her popularity to encourage people to live healthily as they age. 

She also mentioned using hormone replacement creams to make her feel more energetic. 

She also discussed her choice to skip chemotherapy for breast cancer and instead have surgery, radiation, and a drug made from mistletoe extract. 

She believes chemotherapy can save lives but can also harm the body. 

She suggests being well-informed and not relying solely on formal education for health decisions. 

Her message is to appreciate both the good and bad experiences in life because we learn and grow from the tough times. 

Suzanne's Husband, Alan Hamel, Was With Her On Her Final Days

Suzanne's husband, Alan Hamel, talked about Suzanne's final days and their long, loving marriage. 

After returning from their Chicago trip, she ate well, but the day before her death, she stopped eating and taking medicine and was also unresponsive.

Alan stayed with her, talking to her, and she responded to his kiss before peacefully passing away at home. 

Suzanne died from breast cancer that she had battled for 23 years just one day before her 77th birthday.  

The family had gathered to celebrate her birthday, but they decided to toast to her memory instead. 

Suzanne loved cake, especially red velvet cake. Alan and Suzanne had an extraordinary 46 years of marriage. 

They met in 1969 on the TV show set and had an instant connection. 

They got married in 1977 and built Suzanne’s brand together. 

They were very close, even describing their relationship as functionally codependent. 

Suzanne’s most iconic role was Chrissy Snow on Three's Company, and Alan believes she would want to be remembered for bringing joy to people’s hearts with that character.

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