Who Is Frank William Gay III? Ex- Husband Of Heather Gay

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Who Is Frank William Gay III? Ex- Husband Of Heather Gay

Frank William Gay III is Heather Gay's ex-husband, an American television personality. They have three daughters together.

Frank William Gay III's ex-wife and their children.
Frank William Gay III's ex-wife and their children. Source: Instagram

Frank And Heather's Unsuccessful Marriage

Heather and Frank were married. 

Frank is from a wealthy family; his grandfather worked for billionaire Howard Hughes

Heather talked about their marriage, which lasted 11 years, during the show and in her bestselling book Bad Mormon. 

Frank’s family's worth is in the billions. They have inherited a substantial part of Howard Hughes’ estate. 

Heather was a dedicated Mormon who valued her Mormon background and the challenges she faced when her marriage ended in divorce, which is not common in the Mormon Church

Heather and Frank divorced on good terms even though the church didn’t like it. 

They work together to care for their kids, with Heather handling day-to-day stuff and her ex-spouse Frank managing the finances. 

They got married in 2000 and got divorced in 2014. They have three kids together. 

Frank William Gay III's ex-wife, Heather Gay.
Frank William Gay III's ex-wife, Heather Gay. Source: Instagram


Frank's ex-wife's age is 49 years old.

Net Worth

As an American TV personality, Frank's partner Heather’s net worth is about $1.7 million.

Heather Revealed Who Gave Her Black Eye

The host of CNN, Andy Cohen, and Bravo replied to Jen Shah’s remarks about the Eyegate incident. 

He said Bravo didn’t delay in solving the mystery on purpose and would have shown any footage they had. 

Andy also mentioned he wanted to interview Jen one-on-one, but her conditions were unreasonable. 

In the final episode of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, there was a mystery about Heather having a black eye. 

During a special dinner, Heather confronted Monica Gracia about lying about her identity, and Heather revealed that Jen Shah, who is currently in jail, was the one who gave her the black eye. 

This revelation finally solved a mystery that had been going on throughout the season. 

After the revelation, Jen from the prison posted on Instagram, blaming Bravo for not having footage of the incident. 

She also mentioned Andy’s desire for a one-on-one interview and said the show can’t live without her. 

Heather On Escaping The Mormon Church

In a Podcast, The host welcomed Heather to talk about her new book More Men Walk Us Through It

The book is about Heather’s life as a devoted Mormon and how her faith fell apart after her divorce. 

Heather explained that the strict rules and expectations of the Mormon Church became too much for her, which led her to leave and live genuinely. 

She shared funny and embarrassing stories like getting caught with coffee, which is against the church rules

Heather also discussed the pressure to conform and the Church’s focus on following strict rules. 

She mentioned the Mormon practice of wearing sacred garments and expressed surprise about learning about sexual exploration, something she didn’t know much about growing up. 

They also discuss unusual sexual practices related to the Mormon Church

She shared her confusion about the Church’s view on these practices and mentioned legal action against a book called Bad Mormon

She explained a trademark issue where the Church owns the term Mormon but doesn’t want nonmembers to use it. 

She shared her difficulties of leaving the Church and figuring out her spiritual beliefs. 

Heather shared her ongoing process of forming her beliefs while maintaining faith in God.

Heather talked about respecting and loving people with different religious beliefs. 

She shared how leaving the Mormon faith made her feel like an outcast and a disappointment to her family, but she expressed gratitude for their support in allowing her to choose her path. 

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