Who Is Franklin Thomas Fox? Father Of Megan Fox

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Who Is Franklin Thomas Fox? Father Of Megan Fox

Franklin Thomas Fox is the father of American actress Megan Fox. He is a former parole officer by his profession. 

He belongs to Caucasians by his ethnicity. He is an American citizen by his nationality. 

Married Life Of Franklin

Franklin was married to Gloria Darlene. They were married in 1971, and their marriage lasted till 1991

They share two children, Kristi Branim and Megan. 

Franklin Thomas Fox and his wife.
Franklin Thomas Fox and his wife. Source: Twitter

Franklin Got Separated With His Daughters

After his marriage ended with his ex-wife, his ex-wife got custody of their daughters. 

He has to live without his daughters and is unhappy about that. 

Franklin's ex-wife married a new man named Tony Tonachia and started a new life with him. 

His ex-wife and her new husband were very strict with his daughters, and Franklin didn't like her daughters being raised like that. 

They didn't allow Franklin's daughters Megan and Kristi to invite their friends to their house and make boyfriends. 

Franklin's daughter Megan didn't like how her mother and stepdad raised her, so she often stole her mom's car and did what she was supposed to do. 

Megan married without telling her mom and stepdad, but Franklin was happy for her daughter. 

He saw his daughter Megan happy with her husband and was also delighted for her. 

Age And Net Worth 

Franklin is 71 years old. His net worth is unknown. 

About Franklin's Daughter Megan

Megan is an American actress. She is well known for her appearance in the ABC sitcom Hope and Faith

Besides that, she has played roles in numerous TV shows. She was born to her parents, Gloria Darlene and Franklin Thomas Fox.

She was born in Tennessee, making her an American citizen by nationality. 

Married Life Of Megan 

Megan was previously married to her ex-husband, Brian Austin Green. 

They dated each other back in 2004, and in 2010, they tied the knot at Four Seasons Resort on Maui. 

The ex-couple shares three children together, all sons. Megan and Austin separated in 2020, but their divorce was finalized in 2021.

Franklin Thomas Fox's daughter, Megan Fox.
Franklin Thomas Fox's daughter, Megan Fox. Source: Instagram

Who Is Megan Dating Now?

Megan is currently engaged to her fiance, Machine Gun Kelly, a famous singer

Megan started dating Kelly before she got divorced from her ex-husband. 

They are very open about their relationship, and in January 2022, Megan posted a video of Kelly proposing to her. 

Megan Drinks Her Partner's Blood

Megan has been in the spotlight for an extended period now. 

Nothing from her life is hidden from anyone, and her current relationship with her fiance, Machine Gun Kelly, has been admired by many fans. 

The couple never misses to show their love in public. As time passed, some dark things about their relationship started coming out, which raised many questions about their relationship. 

In one of the interviews, Megan revealed that she and her partner, Kelly, drink each other's blood. 

Many fans are disgusted by that, and some have even said that the love between Megan and Kelly is fake. 

Megan revealed that she and her partner are involved in meta-physical practices, so they drink a few drops of each other’s blood when performing rituals. 

Many people backlashed Megan and her partner, saying that they were evil, and some even told them that they were into vampirism.

Megan Was Hated For Speaking Against Abuse

Megan started her acting career when she was very young.

When she got involved in the acting industry, she was not satisfied with what was happening to the industry. 

She was one of the people who raised her voice against the abuse that happened to women in the industry. 

As of now, many women in Hollywood have started the #Meetoo movement and shared the abuse stories that they faced in the acting industry, and they are getting support from people all over the world. 

In 2008, when Megan spoke against the abuse and misanthrope occurrence in Hollywood, she received hatred instead of support. 

She was not even accepted by the feminist people and was treated like she didn’t wrong raising her voice against abuse. 

But Megan has no remorse for speaking against misogyny and sexual abuse faced by women even though she didn’t get support and was mistreated.

Fans Showed Interest In Megan’s Breast Implantation

Megan has been in the entertainment industry since her teenage days. 

She has her fan base, and the fans that adore her have seen her transform from a young, beautiful Megan to a sexy Megan now. 

Megan posted a picture of herself in a silver top on her Instagram. She wore that outfit on Beyonce’s 41 birthday.

In that picture, her breasts looked more considerable and compact, which attracted her fans' attention, and they became eager to know if Megan had her breasts implanted. 

Many fans commented on her post, asking if she got implantation and commenting that it looked much more significant. 

One of the plastic surgeons, Dana Omari, also opened up that she got over 100 text messages from Megan’s fans asking about Megan’s implantation after Megan posted the picture with a silver top.

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