Freddie Reign Tomlinson

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Freddie Reign Tomlinson

Freddie Reign Tomlinson is the son of famous English singer and songwriter Louis Tomlinson

His mother name is Briana Jungwirth. He is the only child of his parents as he has no siblings. 

He is an English citizen by his nationality. 

Freddie Reign Tomlinson mom Briana Jungwirth
Freddie Reign Tomlinson mom Briana Jungwirth  Source: Instagram 

Dating Life Of Freddie's Father Louis

Louis was in a relationship with Eleanor Calder. They dated back in 2011

Louis and Eleanor dated each other for only four years, and after that, they broke up in 2015

They were a happy couple, but they somehow ended their relationship.

However, they both thought to give another chance to their relationship, so they united in 2017. They are still together.

About Louis's son

Louis has a son named Freddie Reign Tomlinson with his ex-partner Briana Jungwirth

He opened up about being a father in 2015 after he ended his relationship with Eleanor

His son was born in 2016. After the birth of his son, he and his ex-partner Briana ended their relationship.

Louis Tomlinson playing with his guitar
Louis Tomlinson playing with his guitar  Source: Instagram

About Louis Tomlinson

Louis is an English singer and songwriter born on 24 December 1991. His birth name is Louis Troy Austin.

He was born to his parents, Johannah Poulston and Troy Austin Louis. He showed his interest in music at an early age and later pursued a singing career. 

He is well known as a member of a boy's band named One Direction.

Because of that band, he gained the attention and love of people. He then left the band and started his solo music career. 

He released his first solo song in 2016. He has a lot of fan following as of now.

Louis Tomlinson's current girlfriend
Louis Tomlinson's current girlfriend  Source: Instagram

Louise's Dog Is A Thief 

Louise Tomlinson showed his appearance on Wired, where he answered some of the questions about him that the people most searched on the internet. 

The very first search question was how to pronounce his name, Louise Tomlinson

He replied that when he was on X-Factor, he was called Lewis. But the only person who took his name correctly as Louise was one of the judges named Simon from the X-Factor

Then another question was about his age, and he replied that he was 27 years old and felt that he was growing very older. 

The next question was about how he was going, and he said he was doing great, but he was very eager to know the goggles answer and what goggles would answer that question. 

Another most-searched question was how his fans could meet him.

Louise asked to join him on tour, where people could meet him. His favorite food was also searched, and he said he loves eating a burger. 

He eats McDonald's most of the time. Another thing was about his zodiac sign and his phone number. 

He answered that he was Capricorn, and for the phone number, he denied giving his number.

He doesn't want to hamper his private life, so he didn't answer that question to secure his privacy. 

He has two dogs, and people wanted to know their breed. He said that he has one golden doodle and another labradoodle, and their names are Bruce and Cliff.

His two dogs are completely different from one another. His dog Bruce is well-mannered and attractive, but his other dog Cliff is a thief as he stole Easter eggs

Many questions had been asked to him, and to know about them, do check the link.


Freddie was born in 2016 and is currently six years old. 

Net Worth 

The net worth of Louis is $70 Million. He earns as being a singer and songwriter. 

The average income of singers is $157,782 per year. 

Freddie Reign Tomlinson's Father Injured During A Match

Freddie's father, Louis also believes in helping the needy and supporting a good cause. 

This is why he participated in a charity match of football. He played against the team Aston Villa and was in defense position. 

The match was held for the sole purpose of gaining charity for acute leukemia. 

Many of Louis's fans were looking forward to the match. But the match didn't go as people expected. 

When Louis got the ball in their defensive line, he tried to clear the ball outside the pitch, but the striker of Aston Villa rushed into Tomlinson and tackled him. 

He fell off to the ground and he was injured. He vomited outside the pitch.

The player apologized after the game to the singer. 

Louis Faced An Emotional Moment With His Fan

Louise has a huge fan base as being the former band member of One Direction

He and his bandmate used to create love and jolly songs, and they have only shared happy moments with a fan. 

But after he broke up with the band, he started creating his music. He wrote a sad song named Two of Us after his mother death.

He went to a show in Madrid where he met some fans in person. 

Among them was a girl who expressed that his same song hit her so hard because of her father's death and lyrics of song meant to her. 

She was relating to his song, and she overcame her sadness listening to this, Louis got emotional. 

In addition, he was proud that his songs could reach so deep into his audience's hearts.

Louis Tomlinson Disappointment About His Sexual Scene With Harry Styles In Euphoria

Louise is an idol for many people.

His popularity can drag a lot of audience to any place; hence an animation creator created a character like Louis and his ex-band members Harry Styles in the animation series Euphoria presented in HBO, which disappointed Louis

They did not ask permission of Harry and Louis create their character. It was not the reason behind his disappointment. 

The disappointing thing that made Louis angry was his character had a sexual relationship with Harry. 

He was angry, and he responded about it in an interview. Moreover, he tweeted that he was not asked for permission.

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