Who Is Freida Estelle Parton? Sister Of Dolly Parton

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Who Is Freida Estelle Parton? Sister Of Dolly Parton

Freida Estelle Parton is well known for being the sister of American singer Dolly Parton

She was born on June 1, 1957, in east Tennessee, United States

Freida is also a singer. Initially, she sang as a background singer for her sister Dolly.

She has also worked on the album “9 to 5 and Odd Jobs” for her sister. 

Parents Of Freida

Freida was born to her father, Robert Lee Parton, and mother, Avie Lee Owens

Her father, Robert, was a sharecropper and later owned a small tobacco farm. 

Sadly, her parents are no more alive as her father, born longer in 1921, died in 2000, and her mother, born in 1923, died in 2003.

Both of them died due to stroke. 

Freida Estelle Parton's parents and sister.
Freida Estelle Parton's parents and sister. Source: Showbiz Cheat Seat

Husband Of Freida

Freida was married to an American author and writer Mark Andersen.

Freida met Mark in her teenage and got married. The couple has even worked together as they wrote a song named “Sing for the common man” in 1980.

The couple has a daughter together named Jada Star.

Freida Estelle Parton with her daughter.
Freida Estelle Parton with her daughter. Source: Facebook

Dolly was mistaken for hooker? 

Dolly gave an interview to Conan O'Brien talk show where she shared the incident of how she got kicked out of a hotel. Dolly is originally from Tennessee but she later moved to New York City in early 60s or 70s to fulfill her dream of being a country musician. She came to NYC with her friend Judy Lana and at the starting phase they literally knew nothing about New York. They decided to go around the city. They went to a hotel and booked one room for both of them because they had no money. After that they went to roam the City and when they returned to the hotel, Dolly's and her friend's luggage were thrown out and the hotel people didn't let them in. Dolly and Jude both were in cheap dress up that made the hotel people think that they were some hookers. They had nowhere to go so they requested hotel staff to let them keep their luggage in the lobby. After that they left their bag there and went down to the stress where they got followed by a man. Dolly was done with the man following her so she pulled out the gun she was carrying on her purse and threatened that man to not touch her or follow them. Dolly's friend Jade thought it was a joke and she started laughing which made the man laugh too and he also took it as a joke. That was the her first experience in her New York City at her beginning days. She then talked about her being down to earth. She has earn lots of money and success through her music career and despite being such a big star, Dolly is very down to earth. 


The age of Freida Parton is 65 years old.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Freida is under review. Instead, her sister Dolly’s net worth is $650 million.

About Siblings Of Freida

Freida has eleven brothers and sisters. Her parents gave birth to six boys and six girls. 

The name of her siblings is Willadeene, David Wilburn, Coy Denver, Dolly Rebecca, Bobby Lee, Stella Mae, Cassie Nan, Randel Huston “Randy,” Larry Gerald, Floyd Estel, and Rachel Ann

Willadeene was the eldest born child in her family on March 24, 1940, in Sevierville, Tennessee, United States

She is the author of the book “All-Day Singing and Dinner on the Ground,” “In the Shadow of a song: The Story of the Parton Family,” etc. 

She has even worked on television series named “Dolly,” “Prime Time Country,” etc. 

David was on March 30, 1942. Unfortunately, he’s no more as he died at 59 on November 05, 2001. 

Coy Denver was born on August 16, 1943. He was involved in music and was an entrepreneur. 

He has even worked as an actor. He is married to Carolyn Parton. The couple has given birth to two daughters named Dolly Christina and Jennifer Lynn.

Dolly Rebecca was born on January 19, 1946, in Pitman Center, Tennessee, United States

She is a singer, songwriter, actress, author, businesswoman, and humanitarian. 

She made her debut in music by singing on local radio and television programs childhood. Her husband's name is Carl Thomas Dean.

Dolly Parton with her husband, Carl.
Dolly Parton with her husband, Carl. Source: Pinterest

Bobby Lee was born on February 18, 1948. He married Doris Maxine Noland on December 21, 1967.

They are no longer together as they divorced on December 13, 1982.

They had given birth to two children named Clint Warren and Danielle Cleone. 

Booby is currently married to Angela Josephine “Angie” McGaha. 

Stella Mae was born on May 4, 1949, in Sevierville. She is a singer and songwriter. 

She started her career in the music industry in the 1970s as she had come up with some of her albums named “I want to hold you in my dreams tonight,” “I just miss you,” etc. 

Cassie Nan was born on February 12, 1951. She is a singer by profession. 

She was a member of the “gospel trio’ band. Recently in 2022, she made a debut in the television movie “Dolly Parton’s Mountain Magic Christmas.”

Randy was born on December 15, 1953, in Sevierville. He was a singer, songwriter, actor, and businessman. 

He is no more, as he died on January 21, 2021, due to cancer. 

Larry Gerald was born on July 6, 1955, in Knoxville. Unfortunately, he had an early death as he died on the same day of birth.

Floyd Estel was born on June 1, 1957. He died on December 6, 2018. He was a singer by profession. 

Rachel Ann is the youngest child in her family, born on August 31, 1959, in Franklin. 

She is a singer who is currently married to Eric George. 

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