Who Is G. Robert Evans III? Father Of Chris Evans

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Who Is G. Robert Evans III? Father Of Chris Evans

G. Robert Evans III is the celebrity father. He is the father of famous American Actor, Chris Evans. 

His nickname is Bob. He is an American. He is of half German and half Welsh/English/Scottish ancestry. 

He was born and brought up in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. Robert is a doctor by profession.

G. Robert Evans III's ex-wife Lisa Capuano and children.
G. Robert Evans III's ex-wife Lisa Capuano and children. Source: Instagram

His Family With His Ex-Wife

Robert fell in love with a Theatre Artist, Lisa Capuano. She is now an actor by profession. 

They dated each other for some time. The ex-duo decided to get married after being in a relationship for some time. 

The ex-couple welcomed their first child, Carly Evans, on September 15, 1978. 

They were blessed with their second baby, Chris, on June 13, 1981. Chris is a famous personality in the entertainment industry. 

He is mostly known for playing his role in the famous movie series Captain America. He has a crazy number of fan followers.

On September 21, 1983, their family welcomed their third baby, Scott Evans, born in Sudbury, Massachusetts. 

He is also a famous actor known for playing the role of a police officer on the ABC daytime soap opera One Life to Live. 

They had also given birth to their fourth child Shanna. Her birthday is not known.

G. Robert Evans III with his son Chris Evans.
G. Robert Evans III with his son Chris Evans. Source: Instagram

His Divorced

He was madly in love with Lisa and tied the knot with her in 1977. The ex-couple lived happily for 22 years. 

After having four children, one girl and three boys, Lisa gave divorced him. 

In 1999, the ex-couple separated. He was shocked when Lisa did this to him. Though at that he was heartbroken, he is happy now.

G. Robert Evans III's son Chris Evans.
G. Robert Evans III's son Chris Evans. Source: Instagram

Chris Got Surrounded By His Fans

Chris Evans gave an interview on the late-night show Jimmy Kimmel, where he talked about his upcoming movie and the incident with him in Korea

He started the interview and spoke about his new film, Lightyear. He was there on Jimmy's show to promote his new movie and told that he would be going on a world tour to promote it after Jimmy's show

Chris has earned colossal popularity in his role play in Marvel as Captain America but being in that movie was not a great experience for him. 

Chris said that he gets mobbed up by his fans at very unexpected places. 

After that, he recalled the memory of when he went to Korea. Some years back, he did a movie named "Snow Pierces," and the director of that movie was Korean, so they went to South Korea for some days.

When he reached South Korea and came out of the airport, he saw a huge mass of people screaming. 

A rope was there to stop that vast mass of people, but it could not handle it, and soon he and his cast got surrounded by people. 

Chris got kind of irritated at that time. Thankfully security guard helped them escape from the people. 

He stayed there for a few days, and the producer apologized for what happened at the airport. 

He didn't mind and said there was no problem at all. But the producer assured him that the same thing wouldn't happen again.  

At the time of returning, when he reached the airport, he saw a van, and from that van, a giant Korean man came out and made a circle around him. 

During that time, no fan showed up, and he got inside the airport easily. It was a relaxing moment for Chris. To know more about the interview, do check the interview. 


His son Chris is 40 years old. He is six feet tall.

Net Worth

His son Chris has a net worth of $80 million.

Robert's Celebrated His Last Year Of Dentistry

Robert is a dentist. He got his doctorate in Medical Dentistry Degree from Tufts University in 1978. 

Before establishing West Newton Dental Associates in 1981, he had worked in different places like Somerville, Massachusetts, and Redwood City, California, for a short period of time. 

After working hard and making the clinic well established, he opened Groton Dental Wellness Spa in April 2004 with his business partner Dr. Jean Marie Nordin

The place has grown as a 26-chair dental practice, incorporating functional Medicine. 

They also have Detoxification Spa, Organic Cafe, and an Energy Medicine Center.

Robert celebrated his last year of Dentistry in 2019. He has given almost 40 years in this field. 

He established much practice with his expertise, love, and kindness.

Chris Said He Was A Cry Baby

In an interview on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Chris claimed himself as a cry baby. 

He said that he used to cry a lot about every small thing in his childhood. 

He said he was the baby who cried on the first day of school. He also cried while going to his first camp. 

He felt all the camps were a nightmare, not only the night camp, but he didn't like the day camp.

As he was a kind of cry baby, he always was very close to his mother. He even told his mother about losing his virginity for the first time. 

He continued his sentence by saying our family is very open about many things, and my mom was very happy when she knew I shared everything with her.

He closed this topic by saying that his parents are more like his friends, and he always shares big things with them.

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