Who Is Gab Taraboulsy? Husband Of Zoe Perry

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Who Is Gab Taraboulsy? Husband Of Zoe Perry

Gab Taraboulsy is the husband of Zoe Perry. His spouse is an American actress. He is a film director and producer

They got married in 2011. He was born in 1981 in Canada

Gab Taraboulsy's wife, Zoe Perry.
Gab Taraboulsy's wife, Zoe Perry. Source: Instagram

Zoe Taught Kids On Set About 80s Reference 

Zoe plays the role of Mary Cooper, the mother of Sheldon Lee Cooper in the series Young Sheldon

Since the show is based on the 1980s, Zoe has to teach Ian, who plays the role of Sheldon, about the 80s references

She said he asked them many questions on set, and they had to make them understand. 

She shared that Ian did not know what a dial phone was. 

She shared he was dialing first and then picking up the phone, so they have to teach them how to use the dial phone. 

Zoe Talked About Playing Mother In TV Series Young Sheldon

Zoe said it was not that hard to play mother. 

She said her voice and manner were similar to her character. 

Zoe is the younger version of Mary, and the older version of Mary was played by her real-life mom, Laurie Metcalf, in Big Bang Theory. 

She said she had never imagined that she would play the younger version of her mother at a young age. 

She said Laurie was very supportive and excited that she would be younger than Mary

She said she was lucky enough to get called for an audition. 

She said her mother had set the bar so high that she had to put her best foot forward. 

She said since their genetics are the same, her voice expression and mannerisms were exactly like her mom's. 

She added that she wanted to make sure that the dialect was also similar and that the way she carried herself was the same. 

She shared that to fill her mom's shoes, she re-watched all of her mother's scenes. 

She said her mom was there for only ten episodes, but her presence was imminent. 


Gab is 42 years old as of 2023.

Net Worth

His wife's net worth is estimated to be $600k. She has managed to earn this fortune from her career as an actress

Zoe Talked About Being Part Of Bing Bang Theory Universe

Young Sheldon is a spin-off prequel to Big Bang Theory

Zoe said that the Big Bang Theory fans were so loyal to the show that they came in during the premiere of Young Sheldon

Young Sheldon still resonates with the show even if people know nothing about Big Bang Theory

She added the show was all about family dynamics, highs and lows in life. 

Perry Talked About Her Character Mary

Perry plays the character Mary Cooper in the series Young Sheldon.

She said she could play around on the show because her character was introduced at several stages of life. 

She said Mary has three kids to look after, and her priorities and dynamics differ. 

She said her character journey from the start was different, which allowed her to explore who she was at various stages of life. 

She said it was a great experience playing mom. 

Zoe Talked About How Time Flew While Doing Young Sheldon

Young Sheldon has completed its sixth season, and the final season is all set to premiere in 2024. 

The show started in 2016. Zoe said that while they were celebrating the completion of the 100th episode of the show, she thought she had not aged that much over time, but when her kids grew big during the show, it reminded her how time had passed so fast. 

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