Who Is Gabriel Harris? Son Of Joan Baez

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Who Is Gabriel Harris? Son Of Joan Baez

Gabriel Harris is the son of American singer, songwriter, musician, and activist Joan Baez. Gabriel himself is a percussionist and founder of Rhythm Village

 He is an American citizen by nationality. 

About Gabriel’s Mom Joan

Joan is a singer, songwriter, musician, and activist. She is well known for her contemporary folk music

She was born to her parents, Joan Bridge and Albert Baez, in the year 1941. 

She has her birthday on January 9

Gabriel Harris with his mom, Joan Baez.
Gabriel Harris with his mom, Joan Baez. Source: Pinterest

Married life of Joan

Joan is currently unmarried. However, back in 1968, she married David Harris. 

They met each other in Santa Rita Jail. They were kept in different cells, but David managed to meet Joan

They slowly developed a connection and fell in love. Talking about the kids, they have a son together named Gabriel

Their marriage didn't last long, as they got divorced in 1973

After her divorce from David, Joan dated Steve Job in the 80s. They dated for a very short time and later broke up. 

Joan and Steve remained great friends even after their breakup, and their friendship lasted until Steve's death.

Parents of Gabriel Harris.
Parents of Gabriel Harris. Source: Pinterest

Age And Net Worth 

Gabriel was born in the year 1969 and is currently 53 years old. His mom has a net worth of $11 Million

Joan’s Secret Talent 

Joan has been active in the music industry for more than six decades. 

She is a legendary singer and used her voice to create beautiful songs and also for protest. 

Within all these years, she has released wonderful songs and traveled the world. 

However, singing isn’t the only talent the singer has with her. It is known that Joan has been involved in backward writing and upside drawings. 

She is excellent at backward writing and making upside drawings; her house is filled with it. 

She has been doing that since she was small. Not many people knew about her talent. Also, Joan is excellent at making portraits.

Joan Was Sexually Abused

Joan opened up about her sexual abuse story in her documentary. 

She hid one of her darkest secrets from the whole world. 

She revealed that the person who abused her sexually was none other than her father. 

She was not the only victim of her father's abuse. Her sister was also abused by her dad when they both were children. 

Joan and her sister were young when that happened to her, and they did not even realize that their father was inappropriate. 

They realized that they were being sexually abused when they became adult. 

She doesn’t remember the exact details of what happened to her and her sister as it’s been a long time, but her parents denied it. 

Joan Got Her Heartbroken

Joan and Bob Dylan were iconic musicians back in the 60s. They were great music partner and friends. 

In the 60s, Bob and Joan went on a tour together. On the tour, they eventually fell in love and started dating. 

They helped each other grow and were an inspiration to each other. However, their relationship didn’t last forever, as the couple eventually broke up. 

It was known that Bob was the one that ended their relationship. 

Joan was utterly heartbroken when Bob walked out of her life. 

She felt so deeply and loved him so much that when he ended their relationship, her heart was shattered into pieces. 

The exact reason behind Bob leaving Joan hasn’t been revealed yet. 

Joan Was Arrested

Joan has always participated in the protests. She was there with Martin Luther in the 1963 March movement. 

She always used her voice for protest, and in 1973, she actively participated in a protest against the Vietnam War.

She got arrested twice during the protest. 

She and the other 40 anti-war protesters blocked the entrance and didn’t let anyone enter the Military Induction Center. 

She was arrested along with all the protesters and was kept in prison. However, after a specific time, she was released.

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