Gabriel Hill – Tragedy Of Bernard Hill Son

by anupama Mon May 06 2024 Updated On Mon May 06 2024
Gabriel Hill – Tragedy Of Bernard Hill Son

Gabriel Hill is the talented celebrity son of famous Lord of the Rings actor Bernard Hill. He is the only son of the late actor, who passed away on the 5th of May. 

The reason for his death is not given right now. His mother's name is Marianne Hill.

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Footsteps of the father 

Gabriel is also into acting just like his parents. He has appeared in Small Town Outsiders and Only God Can

He also played a role in Heroes, which was released in 2017. He became a part of Small Town Outsiders in 2022 and Only God Can in 2015.

Moved To Suffolk After His Birth 

His father, Bernard, and mother, Marianne, decided to move to Suffolk after his birth. The family lived a happy life before the death of Bernard

This is one of the most tragic moments of Gabriel's life, as they enjoyed moments together and watched football games together. 

The family was a supporter of Manchester United.

Parents Governor At Gabriel's School 

Bernard recently talked about his son and a new role. He revealed in an interview about how he became parents governor at his son's school. 

He also wanted to ground himself a bit more. He explained how it was very tempting to do more work, but he wanted to be more responsible for his child. 

He had stopped a bit and became more responsible, as he explained his child suffered a lot because of that.

Son of famous stars, both mother and father

Gabriel's parents, Bernard and Marianne, are both from the same industry. 

His father was a British actor, and he was famous all over the globe for his fantastic work on Titanic and True Crime

His best work came in The Lord of the Rings. He took his last breath on 5th May 2024, and the whole world mourns his death. His father was 79 years old. 

His mother was born as Marianna Schwarzkopf. She is also famous for her work in movies and TV series. 

She had appeared in El Condor and High Plains Drifter. She was born in Santa Barbara, California, on 9th February 1942.

Gabriel Hill with his parents Marianna Hill and Bernard Hill
Gabriel Hill with his parents Marianna Hill and Bernard Hill. Source: Getty Images

Did not make it to The Responder 

His father was supposed to appear in The Responder, a BBC One Drama run by Martin Freeman

His return was much awaited, but he could not make it. It was supposed to air on May 5, but he passed away and sadly could not make it.


His father had a great sense of humor. He joked about the pronunciation of his name, Bernard, and how Americans got it wrong every time. 

He also told the interviewer that she still got it wrong. 

He explained in an interview that when he was doing Titanic, it felt like a small movie, and he never thought it was going to become such a big blockbuster. 

He hails Jim and how they worked with a harness swining and shooting from 85 ft. 

He told the interviewer that Jim was such a visionary and had all the scenes perfect in his head before he shot them.

He recalls being emotional while meeting Shawn and Elijah after a long time. 

They were together last time during the Lord of the Rings shoot in New Zealand, and they met and recalled everything.

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