Who Is Gail Susan Ross? Ex-Wife Of Richard Belzer

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Gail Susan Ross is the ex-wife of the late American actor, stand-up comedian, and author Richard Belzer

About Gail's Former Husband Richard 

Richard was an actor, stand-up comedian, and author known for his appearance in John Munichin's series Law and Order: SUV

He started his career in the entertainment industry as a stand-upstand-up comedian and slowly started staring at movies. 

He was born to his parents in Bridgeport, Connecticut. He died on 19 Feb 2023

Gail Susan Ross 's ex-husband, Richard Belzer.
Gail Susan Ross 's ex-husband, Richard Belzer. Source: Pinterest

Married life of Richard 

Richard was married three times in his life. His first marriage was with Gail Susan Ross.

They tied the knot back in 1966. Before getting married, they dated for a year. 

At the time of Richard's marriage to Gail, Richard was only 22 years old. They remained married till 1972 and then got divorced.

In 1976, Richard got married for the second time to Dalia Danoch. They ended their marriage in 1978. 

He then got married to Harlee McBride in 1985. They met each other for the first time back in 1981 in LA

Since then, 19 Febave has lived happily together until Richards's death on 19 Feb 2023

Although Richard had married three times, he never had any kids with any one of his partners. 

Richard Belzer with his wife, Harlee McBride.
Richard Belzer with his wife, Harlee McBride. Source: Pinterest

Age And Net Worth 

Her ex-husband Richard was 78 years old at the time of his death. He had a net worth of $16 Million.

Richard's Brother Killed Himself

Richard was born to his mom Frances Belzer and dad, Charles Belzer. 

The actor didn't get to spend much time with his parents as both of his parents died when he was too young. 

When he was 18, his mom died of breast cancer; at 22, his dad did suicide. 

He had only an elder brother who left Leonard in the name of the family, but in 2014, he left him too. 

His brother Leonard committed suicide. He jumped off from the 16th floor of the apartment where he was living.

Leonard's neighbors said he was struggling after his wife's demise. 

His wife died in 2012, and after her death, there was a noticeable change in Leonard's behavior. 

Leonard was 72 years old when he died, and his wife's death might be the reason behind his suicide.

Death Of Richard 

Richard, a well-known actor known for his portrayal in Law and Order: SVU, passed away on 19 Feb.

His death has stunned his wife, fans, and cast members. The reason behind his death was his dealing with many diseases. 

He had been suffering from many diseases, which caused his death. He died peacefully in his own house in France. His manager confirmed his death news.

Richard's close friend Bill Scheft said that the last word that came out of Richard's mouth was F you mother F*.

Richard's ex-co-stars from Law and Order expressed their sadness on his death and posted on social media. 

His co-star Mariska praised him for being kind and how lucky she felt that she got a chance to work with him for a long time. 

She also mentioned that she would miss him. Along with Mariska, many other actors also honored him on his death.

Richard Misbehaved With A Worker

Times back, a woman reported that Richard choked her. 

The woman said she worked in New York's Apple Store when Richard came and choked her up. 

She called 911 and reported Richard. After that allegation, Richard shared his side of the story and said he didn’t choke her. 

He was at the Apple Store to fix his laptop. 

He frequently visited that Apple Store and said the employees are too frank and enjoy being there. 

He was standing in a genius bar, and the lady came and asked if she could help him. 

He just kept his hand on her shoulder and said he needed help. 

After a few minutes, the cop reached there and told him that someone had filed an assault case against him. 

Thankfully cop checked the recording, which proved he didn't-didn't do anything to the woman, and apologized to him.

Richard Was A Reporter

Richard's name in the entertainment industry is not a new thing. He spent most years of his life as an actor and comedian

He has gained a huge fan following as an actor had earned massive fame. But most people might not be aware of him being a reporter. 

Richard talked about his first work, and it was reporting. He worked as a news reporter when he first landed in New York. 

As a journalist, he got cover the Vietnam war, where he went to the funeral of a killed kid and wrote about it. 

He worked as a journalist for 3-4 years and then started working as a freelancer.

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