Who Is Gary Maddison? Father Of James Maddison

by Pragya Sun Nov 27 2022 Updated On Mon Nov 28 2022
Who Is Gary Maddison? Father Of James Maddison

Gary Maddison is the father of English professional footballer James Maddison. His son James currently plays for Leicester City as a midfielder and also plays for England national team.

He's married to his wife, Una Maddison. He has two sons with his wife, Ben and James. He is an English citizen.

Gary Maddison's wife and son, James Maddison.
Gary Maddison's wife and son, James Maddison. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Gary's Son James

James is not married yet. He is currently in a relationship with Kennedy Alexa. 

The couple started dating in 2020, and they are parents to one child, his name is Leo Cruz Maddison.

Leo was born on 31 July 2021.

James Maddison with his partner and a son.
James Maddison with his partner and a son. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

The age and net worth of Gary are unknown. His son James is currently 26 years old. 

His son's net worth is 18.6 million euros. 

Gary Maddison with his son, James Maddison.
Gary Maddison with his son, James Maddison. Source: Instagram

Gary Cried Listening After Hearing His Son's News

Gary’s son James plays in the Premier League club Leicester City and is already proud of it. 

But his son’s selection in the English national team for the World Cup 2022 was a significant blow for the father. 

Gary Maddison's sons.
Gary Maddison's sons. Source: Instagram

Gary cried after hearing the news, as he was not a crier. 

His son James revealed that Gary had not cried in ages, and hearing the news; he was teared up. 

James also expressed that Gary and his entire family want James to succeed in anything he faces, and he has always been a big part of his success. 

So his success always makes his family happier. 

They share the same success and happiness, so they connect emotionally towards each other.

James Left Qualifiers For Casino

James and his teammate Gareth Southgate were on the England National team when the qualifier for the Euro 2020 was going on. 

It was the match against Croatia when they both were missing in the game. 

But the rumours were out that the players took sick leave from the team and were later found to be present in the Casino in the city. 

When asked about it, he revealed that he and his teammate Gareth were not allowed to play for the team by the team's coach. 

The coach later called them in after the incident, and they played their best in the team.

James Was Prepared For Worst

James expressed in an interview that he hoped to be a part of the English national team for the World Cup 2022 but was also prepared for the worst scenario. 

He had not been in the squad of England in the past three years. 

He said he was not a rookie player and knew precisely what it takes to play in the national team. 

But he also knew that sometimes, the best players are left out of the squad. He was really in good form from what he revealed. 

He said he was a threat to his opponents for quite a time, and his stats were also great. He hence was hoping to get a call. 

Fortunately, his teammate, Gareth Southgate, called him to tell him he was in the squad. 

He was so happy that he described the moment as the best time ever.

James Cannot Carry His Team.

In 2021, Leicester came to the top of the League for a while after winning the matches with brilliant goals. 

James was part of most of the attacking work and was asked by the interviewer about him carrying the team to the top. 

In reply to the statement, the attacker said he was nothing alone in the team. 

He admitted that he could not do anything or score goals without the team. 

Not just him, but he expressed that in a competitive League like Premier League, no player could carry the whole team. 

He said that team effort was the main thing that got his team to the top, and he would need that if his team had to hold that position.


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