Gavin Nassif – Tragedy Of Adrienne Maloof Son

by sabina Sun Mar 10 2024 Updated On Sun Mar 10 2024
Gavin Nassif – Tragedy Of Adrienne Maloof Son

Gavin Nassif is famous as a celebrity child. He is the son of Adrienne Maloof, an American businesswoman, television personality, and shoe designer. 

His father, Dr. Paul Nassif, is a renowned plastic surgeon. His mother is a member of the prominent Maloof family.

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Gavin Nassif and his mom, Adrienne Maloof.
Gavin Nassif and his mom, Adrienne Maloof. Source: Instagram


He was born in June 2003. He is currently 20 years old.

Net Worth 

He is yet to start his career. As of now, we have the net worth of his mother. His mother, Adrienne, has a jaw-dropping net worth of $60 million.

His father said the reality show RHOBH led to his divorce

His parents, Adrienne and Paul, were married for a decade before Paul filed for divorce in July 2012. Their divorce was finalized in November

At the time of filing for divorce, they cited irreconcilable differences. 

During an interview with E! News in 2023, Paul claimed that the reality show "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" played a part in the downfall of their relationship, eventually leading to divorce. 

He said he would not prefer doing the reality show again, explaining that being on a reality show did speed up their demise and divorce. 

Gavin Nassif and his father.
Gavin Nassif and his father. Source: Instagram

On the other hand, Adrienne also believes that the show magnified the issues they were already having. 

During an interview with Toofab back in 2015, she said the show was not the reason behind their divorce. 

“I have been asked if the show was the cause of our divorce, then I have to say ‘No’, it wasn’t, but it probably put it over the edge. I think it was already having issues, and now when you are in the public eye and those issues are becoming so explosive all over the world, it‘s very difficult to make marriage work”, she said. 

She also admitted that the show did her a favor by making her realize that their marriage wasn’t working and that they would divorce sooner or later.

He has two brothers and a half-sister

Gavin has two younger brothers, twins Collin and Christian, who are three years younger than him. 

Besides that, he has a half-sister Paulina Anne, born to his father, with his current wife, Brittany, whom he married in September 2019 in Santorini

They welcomed Paulina in October 2020. Paul expressed his happiness seeing how his three boys showered love to their little sister. 

Paulina has the best big brothers! Seeing how they play with her and take care of her are some of the best parts of my life”, he wrote in his Facebook post.

 Gavin Nassif with his mom and siblings.
Gavin Nassif with his mom and siblings. Source: Instagram

Gavin is currently in his college years

Gavin is currently in his college years. His parents keep on giving an update about him sharing how proud they are of him. 

In May 2022, Paul took to his Instagram to share the proud moment of Gavin’s graduation day. 

He expressed he has never been more proud than seeing him receiving his high school diploma. Gavin graduated from Notre Dame High School

In August, Adrienne gave a glimpse of Gavin’s dorm room, writing she was moving her son into his first day of college.

His parents are on good terms now

Gavin’s parents went through a messy divorce and custody battle after leaving RHOBH, accusing each other of physical and verbal abuse. 

They were also fighting over where their then 11-year-old Gavin was going to study, as they had different opinions. 

However, they decided to let bygones be bygones and are now on good terms. But it was not easy. 

In an interview, Adrienne said they had to do a lot of counseling and worked very hard to work on it for the sake of their children. 

They had to learn to be adults for their children. 

Adrienne and Paul have been successfully co-parenting their three boys since settling their issues. They are seen attending their sons’ events together.

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