Gavin Smiley- Tragedy Of Slade Smiley Son

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Gavin Smiley is the son of actor and businessman Slade Smiley. 

Slade came into the limelight after he appeared in a famous show named 'The Real Housewife of Orange County.' 

His mother is Rose Smiley, and his grandmother is Elizabeth Larson-Smiley. His parents are not together anymore. Gavin is married to Kena

They tied the knot in 2019. Gavin has a younger brother named Grayson. He has a half-sister named Skylar Gray Smiley. 

Gavin Smiley with his father and late brother.
Gavin Smiley with his father and late brother. Source: Instagram

Why Is Slade Not Still Married?

Slade has been dating Gretchen Rossi since 2009. He proposed to her in 2013. The two have been engaged for almost a decade now. 

Rossi revealed they were not in any rush to get married anytime soon. 

She shared that they were planning for their baby and were occupied with many other things. 

She said that even though they are not legally married, they call each other husband and wife and wear their wedding ring. 

She said she would love to marry him, but they prioritize other things at the moment.

Slade Smiley with his partner and daughter.
Slade Smiley with his partner and daughter. Source: Instagram


His father, Slade, is 49 years old

Net Worth

His father, Slade's net worth is estimated to be $500,000. 

Slade's Son Grayson Died At The Age Of 22

Slade shares two sons with his ex-wife Michelle Arroyo. Recently Michelle shared this heartbreaking news through her Instagram handle. 

Grayson was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2006 and had been battling cancer all his life. 

She said that he had his valve adjusted last week, and he was doing better. But on Sunday, his heart stopped while he was at home. 

She said that he performed CPR until the paramedics arrived. 

When he left for the hospital, he was breathing on his own, but his heart gave out at the hospital. 

Slade and his fiancée also mourned the loss of his beloved son.

Slade And Gretchen Waited For Four Years To Have A Baby Together

Slade and Rossi were very excited to have a baby together. But they had to wait many years as they underwent IVF procedures

Their dream finally came true as the two announced they were expecting their baby in 2019

She said she wanted to celebrate life and joy with her friends and family during her baby shower. 

She said she wanted her baby shower to be grand as they were welcoming their firstborn soon. 

She said she was excited to meet her daughter and said she would miss the pregnancy period. 

Slade appreciated his fiancée for being so strong over the period. 

He said they always dreamt of building a family together, and finally, it was happening all because of her. 

He gifted her a diamond ring before she delivered their baby. They named their daughter after Slade's son from his previous relationship. 

Slade And His Fiancée Talked About Their IVF Journey

Slade shared that they were together for ten years, and half of the time was their journey to having a kid. 

They said that it was a very emotional journey for both of them as in the first round of IVF, they lost 14 embryos, and it took them a lot of courage to go through that process again. 

Slade said that Rossi was very strong throughout, and sometimes he saw her suffering a lot which made him very sad. 

But thankfully, all their patience and struggle paid off as the doctor was able to implant an embryo in Rossi, and it was successful. 

They said the journey had brought them even closer. 

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