Who Is Gavinin Anasi? Mother Of Gavi

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Who Is Gavinin Anasi? Mother Of Gavi

Gavinin Anasi is the mother of Spanish professional footballer Gavi

Her son currently plays for FC Barcelona and Spain's national team.

She is a biomedical engineer by her profession. She is a Spanish citizen. 

Family of Gavinin Anasi.
Family of Gavinin Anasi. Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Gavinin is currently married to her husband, Pablo Paez. They have two children son named Pablo Gavira, well known as Gavi, and a daughter named Aurora Paez Gavira. 

Gavinin named her daughter after her. Gavinin's real name is Aurora Belen Gavira.

Children of Gavinin Anasi.
Children of Gavinin Anasi. Source: Twitter

Age And Net Worth 

Gavinin is 45 years old. The net worth of Gavinin is unknown. 

Her son Gavi, who is 18 years old, has a net worth of $1- $5 Million

Gavinin Anasi's son Gavi.
Gavinin Anasi's son Gavi. 

Gavinin Accused Of Having Affair 

Gavinin is well known for being the mother of young player Pablo.

Gavinin has always kept herself from the spotlight, but months ago, she was dragged into a controversy. 

She was accused of having an affair with former Barcelona football player Gerard Pique

Gerard and Gavinin's son Gavi used to play in the same football club. 

Gerard and Shakira have been in a relationship for more than a decade now and share two children.

Gerard was caught cheating on Shakira with another woman. 

After Shakira knew about her partner's infidelity, she left her. This news went viral on social media, and one of the unknown journalists flashed the statement saying that the woman Gerard cheated with was Gavinin.

That news took the air in no time, and everyone started blaming Gavinin for having an affair with Gerard

But after some time, it was proven that Gavinin was not involved in the affair scandal of Gerard and Shakira.

Didn't Deserve The " Kopa Trophy" 

Gavi was one the youngest Barcelona footballers who managed to win the Kopa Trophy title in Ballon D'or Ceremony 2022.

Kopa Trophy is the award given to the best performing players under age 21, and Pablo was lucky enough to win that award. 

After winning the trophy, Bayern Munich FC manager, Julian Nagelsmann shared his thoughts on it. 

According to him, Pablo doesn't deserve the award. He said that Jamal Musiala and Jude Bellingham were more deserving of Kopa Trophy as their performance was better than Pablo's

Julian didn't mean to start any controversy with the players by saying this. He was pointing out what he thought.

Pablo Broke The Record 

He is currently playing in the national team of Spain in the FIFA World Cup 2022

His national team went against Cost Rica as it was the team's first match in the 2022 group stage match. 

Spain successfully won the game by seven goals in this match, gaining three points lead in this match. 

Gavi, the youngest in the group, scored the fifth goal. 

Not only was he the youngest in the team, but he became the second youngest player after legendary Pele to ever score in World Cup

He also broke the record created by the Spanish football player Cesc Fabregas who scored a goal at the age of 19 in the 2006 World Cup.

Yet To Be Famous

Pablo is an 18-year-old football player yet to be recognized by the world. 

But his talent and worth have already been seen by Spain's coach Luis Enrique

Luis considers Gavi a unique player as he can play with both feet. 

Many people are unaware of Gavi's surprising physical power; according to the Spanish coach, he will shine soon and be recognized by the world. 

Luis saw the potential of Gavi when he was 17, and he scored a goal for Spain during the match at Estadio Benito Villamarin.  

In that game, Pablo led the counter-attack, which was seen by Luis, which made Luis clear about his attacking ability.

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