Who Is Genaro Rodriguez? Father Of Gina Rodriguez

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Who Is Genaro Rodriguez? Father Of Gina Rodriguez

Genaro Rodriguez is the father of American actress Gina Rodriguez. He’s married to Magali Rodriguez

They share three children. He is a boxing referee by his profession. He is a Puerto Rican citizen by nationality. 

Genaro Rodriguez with his wife and daughter.
Genaro Rodriguez with his wife and daughter. Source: Instagram

About Genaro’s Daughter Gina 

Gina is an actress well known for her role play as Jane Villanueva in the CW series Jane the Virgin

She was born in 1984 and has her birthday on July 30

She grew up with her two siblings, Ivelisse and Rebecca. She is an American citizen of her nationality. 

Genaro Rodriguez and his daughter.
Genaro Rodriguez and his daughter. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Gina 

Gina is married to her husband, Joe LoCicero

She met Joe back in 2016 on the series Jane the Virgin. They dated shortly after knowing each other.

In 2018, her partner proposed to her when they went on vacation, and a year later, they tied the knot. 

They are pleased together, and now they share a baby. They welcomed their first child in 2023

Gina Rodriguez and her husband.
Gina Rodriguez and her husband. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Gina is 38 years old. She has a net worth of $5 Million. Her source of income is acting.

Gina Got Backlashed For Singing

In 2019, Gina posted a video of her where she sang Fugee's song by Lauryn Hill

She was doing her makeover and singing Fugee lyrics, which had the n-word on them. 

After that, her video created a whole new controversy where people blamed her for using racial slur words. 

She received hatred and negative things from the people. 

Gina then opened up that Fugees was her favorite song, and she grew up listening to and singing that song, but she realized that she shouldn’t have said the N-word. 

She publicly apologized for using that word and to all the offended people. 

She realized that no one should use the N-word, not even in song lyrics, because it’s very hurtful for people of color.

Gina Took The Set

Gina gave an interview on Jimmy Kimmel’s show where she talked about the finale shooting. She played Jane for five years in Jane the Virgin

Those five years were the best time for her as she got to work with a fantastic cast, and while giving this interview, she was doing her final shoot. 

She opened up that she and all her cast mates were busy with shoots, so they didn’t have time to be emotional, but she thinks she would be sad after they got over with the final episode shooting. 

She said that when she knew that she could take things from the show, she started writing her name over all the stuff on the set, but then she thought of taking the whole set with her instead of taking one or two things from there. 

They were producing a new show, Diary of a Female President, so she thought of using the same set and took the whole set with her.

Gina Found Her Love Of Life Because Of Jane 

Gina played the character of virgin Jane in the Jane the Virgin. That role play changed her life and gave her a new, extraordinary life. 

Many of her dreams became real because of that, and the most extraordinary thing Jane gave her was her husband, Joseph LoCicero. 

She met her love of life in the show while playing Jane

Her husband appeared on the show as Don Quixote, a stripper by Jane’s mom, for her bachelor party. 

When Gina saw Joseph playing Don and coming In front of her in underwear, she was stunned because he was looking so hot that she nearly forgot her lines. 

That was the first time he met Joseph, and then six months later, they again met at the boxing gym, and their love story began there.

Gina’s Character Made Her Want A Baby 

Gina is now a mother to a beautiful baby boy. She welcomed him in 2023

However, Gina's desire for a baby started after playing Jane’s character. 

On the show, her character had a baby, which made her want a baby in her life, too. 

She was 31 when she played 25-year-old Jane’s character and enjoyed being a mother on the set. 

She gets so excited when people bring the babies to her, and the babies on set are perfect because they don’t cry. 

Whenever one baby starts to cry, they take that away and give her another silent baby, but that doesn’t happen in real.

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