Who Is Gene David Fischer? Son Of Amy Schumer

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Who Is Gene David Fischer? Son Of Amy Schumer

Gene David Fischer is the son of American stand-up comedian and actress Amy Schumer

His father's name is Chris Fischer. His dad is a farmer and a chef by profession. 

He is currently two years old and has his birthday on May 5. He is an American citizen

Gene David Fischer's parents Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer
Gene David Fischer's parents Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer Source: People

Parents Married Life

Amy is currently married to Chris Fischer, a farmer and chef. The couple happily tied the knot in 2018

They had their wedding ceremony in Malibu, and it was a private wedding. 

A year after their marriage, the couple became parents to one son and named him Gene David Fischer.

Past Dating Life Of Amy 

Before getting married with Chris, Amy had many affairs. 

In 2009, she was in a relationship with Anthony Jeselnik. They were together for three years, and after that, they broke. 

She then dated Dolph Ziggler for a short time and ended her affair with him. 

After that, she dated Ben Hanisch

They started dating each other in 2015 and dated for two years straight until 2017

Amy Schumer’s had weird puberty? 

Amy Schumer gave an interview to Conan’s show where she talked about her puberty and magazine. Amy’s was featured in the cover page of Entertainment Weekly so the interviewer showed her picture and asked Amy where was her boobs. Amy did her photo shoot for the booze and it was her idea to shoot photo naked. She was all naked and her private parts were covered with the empty bottles of booze. She is a drinker and she loves drinking so when she was shooting she did drink Booze. They were mini bottles so she told that drinking all bottles feels like drinking on of it. Amy gave the reason behind photo shooting naked and she told that she was aging like a president. That means she was aging faster because of the pressures and stress that she has she was ageing faster so she wanted to show her body before her body starts falling out. The interviewer then asked Amy about what makes her funny and when she got those questions she suddenly remembered her one of the past memory. She told that her puberty hit her very awkwardly. She was on her fifth grade and till that time her two front teeth didn’t fell out and in that same time she had her first period which was wired. She had her baby tooth when she got her period so it was very awkward situation for her. When she had her body hair growth her mom told her that she doesn’t have to shave above the knee and she did as her mom told. Her leg above her knee was full covered with hair. She said that she had Christopher parts of hair which made all the audience laugh. Amy was about to host 2015 MTV Awards at that time and she was not nervous about it which made her think that she was not normal but she was really excited to host that show.


Gene was born on May 5, 2019, and his current age is two years old.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Amy is $25 Million. Her source of income comes as being a comedian and actress.

Gene David Fischer with his mother, Amy Schumer
Gene David Fischer with his mother, Amy Schumer Source: Just Jared

Wrote Book On Motherhood

Amy is the mother of one child, and as she has gone through the phase of motherhood, she thought of writing a book on it. 

The book that she wrote has the title "Arrival Stories." 

She opened up that she had a compilation of many stories of women giving birth, and that thing gave her the idea of writing a book. 

She told that motherhood is a huge crazy journey and many women are unaware of that thing. 

So she felt the importance of sharing and talking on that matter. 

So she thought of helping people, and to help people, she collected the stories of many women who had gone through the motherhood phase. 

She also said that women should not have sex with their partners for six weeks after giving birth to the baby. 

Dating An Infectious Disease Doctor

In an interview, Amy opened up about her dating a doctor. 

She said that she dated an infectious disease doctor back but later broke up with him. 

She told that the reason behind her breakup was that she found out her boyfriend was an alcoholic person, and she was not okay with that. 

She said that one person should be an alcoholic in one relationship and another should be not. 

But in her case, she and her ex-boyfriend both were alcoholics, so she broke up with him. 

She also mentioned that she should be the one who is an alcoholic because there in fun with that, but after she knew her ex was also an alcoholic, she ditched him.

Enjoy Success 

Amy is a well-known comedian who is gaining lots of success.

When asked about how she handles her success, she sarcastically replied, saying she is handling her success like a champion and enjoying it. 

After getting the success, she said that she can now talk to famous people and also said that she always harasses Bradley Cooper and shouts his name. 

She said sorry to him for always shouting his name and went out of there as she was uncomfortable talking to a handsome person like Bradley

She said whenever she talks to him, she feels like she is in a relationship with him because Bradley stares into her eyes whenever he asks questions which makes her feel that she is dating Bradley.

After talking to him, she went to her home and changed her relationship status to in a relationship from single.

Feels Pretty When She Is Naked

In the talk show The Ellen Show, Ellen asked Amy some the rapid-fire questions to which Amy had to reply as quickly as possible. 

The very first question was when she feels pretty. For that, she replied that she feels pretty when she is naked. 

The other question was about something that she would do if she were not scared, and she replied that she would try a lot of drugs if she was not scared. 

Ellen then asked her about the craziest place where she had sex, and she replied saying Butt. 

Her mom was also there in the interview, but she forgot about her mom being in that show while answering those questions. 

She was embarrassed for her nasty answers. 

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