Who Is Geoff Buchana? Father Of Luciane Buchanan

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Who Is Geoff Buchana? Father Of Luciane Buchanan

Geoff Buchana is the father of famous New Zealand Actress Luciane Buchanan.

Marriage And Children

Geoff is married to Losi Buchana. She is of Tongan descent. Geoff is an artist. He spent his childhood in the Albert area. 

He is from a Scottish family. The couple had Luciane on July 16, 1993, in Taneatua Whakatane, Aotearoa, New Zealand

She spent her childhood in New Zealand with her parents. Her parents encourage her to pursue acting as a career. 

Geoff Buchana's wife and daughter.
Geoff Buchana's wife and daughter. Source: Instagram

Geoff Encouraged His Daughter Luciane To Act

Luciane graduated from the University of Auckland in acting and psychology with a double degree in 2017

She began her first acting classes in 2008. Then she participated in Miranda Harcourt’s Film Acting for Teenagers workshop in 2011

Her parents are the ones who encouraged her to enroll in acting. 

They told her to study acting to make it easier for her to get into the acting industry. 

She has been acting for many years now. Her blockbuster works are The Tank, Stray, and Billy

She has also done a Netflix show named Sweet Tooth

Her parents teach her to be proud of their ethnicity. She is of mixed origin of Tongan and Scottish heritage, and she proudly flexes to the world. 


Geoff's daughter currently age is 29 years old as of 2023.

Net Worth

His famous actress daughter Luciane's net worth is about $5 Million.

Luciane's Crazy Fame After The Night Agent

The Night Agent was a blockbuster. She had no idea how much The Night Agent would blow up. 

She said she auditioned without thinking much about it. And she felt she had no chance because, being from New Zealand, no one would see this. 

But it didn’t happen as she thought. Not only the producers, everyone saw the tape and got a co-lead role of Rose Larkin

It blew up overnight and was ordered for a second season to be continued. She got the call about season two at 6 a.m. 

She said she was shocked and happy because she thought she would have to wait many months to determine if her show was getting a second season.

She was overwhelmed by the show's success. And she was getting so much love from her fans and friends. 

And people were calling to tell her how much they were proud of her and obsessing over her. 

One of her friends told her that her co-worker was discussing her show. 

And another friend from London said that people were talking in the bar. 

And just listening to all those things, she felt overwhelmed and still didn't know how to process all this overnight fame. 

Luciane Shaved Her Hair For The Role

Luciane shaved her head for a television show named The Legends of New Monkey

In a video, she discussed her career, where she said she didn’t know what she was getting into while auditioning for The Legends of New Monkeys. 

At first, when they asked her to audition for it, she said no because she had to shave her hair. 

So she thought she didn't want to do it. But her agents said to them that Luciane tried to do it. 

And after two auditions, she got the lead role in the show. 

It was difficult for her. She shaved her head for the part, and they had to go to boot camp every day. 

And they had to run and learn kicks where she wasn’t interested. And when she showed her shaved face to her family. 

They were all surprised, especially her grandmother. She looked at her for 40 minutes straight without saying any words. 

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