George Alaba – Meet Father Of David Alaba

by Pragya Thu Mar 14 2024 Updated On Thu Mar 14 2024
George Alaba – Meet Father Of David Alaba

George Alaba is the father of Australian professional football player David Alaba. He was a musician professionally. 

He was born in the year 1974 in Ijebu Ode, Nigeria. He is an Austrian-Nigerian citizen by his nationality.

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George Alaba with his son David Alaba
George Alaba with his son David Alaba. Source: Instagram

The married life of George

George is married to his wife, Gina Alaba. His wife is a Filipino. They tied the knot back in 1996 and had been married for a long time. 

George met Gina at a University, and shortly after meeting, they fell in love and got married. 

They are parents to two children, a son, David, and a daughter, Rose Mary

George Alaba with his wife Gina Alaba
George Alaba with his wife Gina Alaba. Source: Facebook
George Alaba wife Gina Alaba and son David Alaba
George Alaba wife Gina Alaba and son David Alaba. Source: Instagram

Age and Net Worth. 

George is 64 years old. His net worth is unknown. However, his son David has a net worth of $20 Million. His source of income is football. 

George left his music? 

George spends half of his life on his music career. He was a great musician and had a successful career. 

He worked as a DJ and was signed under Tabansi Records. 

He dedicated most of his years to music, but after his kids were born, he stepped out of the music as he wanted to focus on his kids and be there for them. 

His son chose football, and as George also chose his own career, he fully supported his son’s choice. 

His daughter Rose followed his foot steps and made a career in music, and to show both of his children the correct path for their careers and dreams, he left music. 

Why did George leave his country? 

George left his home and his country, Nigeria, back in 1984. His motive for leaving his country was his study. 

He moved to Austria and intended to study hard, get a good quality education, and then move back to his country. 

He learned the German language and even got enrolled in the University. 

He never intended on staying in Austria for a long time, but things didn’t go as he planned. 

He came to Austria for education, but later, he ended up dropping out and got along with music. 

He then started his own family in Austria and never looked back on returning to his country.

George is a dropout? 

George came from a music background. He was involved with music since he was just a child and made a great life with it. 

He talked about his old days in an interview and said that he was a dropout. 

During his time in Nigeria, he spent most of his time on road trips, so he was always on the move from place to place. 

He then moved to Austria and joined a University. However, it was very hard for him to maintain a balance between his studies and music. 

He used to make music at night time and do his studying in the daytime, but it was really hard for him to continue that way. 

He had to make a choice between study and music, so he chose music over his study and dropped out. 

He had a passion for music and always believed that he could do something, so he thought choosing music would be best, and it worked quite well for him. 

George's son didn’t forget his roots? 

George welcomed his son when he got settled in Austria

His son is now one of the talented football players who plays for Real Madrid FC and Austria National Team

Although David plays for Austria, he hasn’t forgotten his roots. 

In one of the interviews, David showed his love for his country, Nigeria, and said that he would love to play for Nigeria

He also went to the Super Eagles pre-World Cup camp, where he wished good fortune to the Nigerian team. 

His words clearly showed that he would love to get connected with his Nigerian roots if he gets the chance, but due to some uncontrollable events, he isn’t able to.

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