Who Is Georgina Marcella? Stunning Wife Of Connor Roberts

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Who Is Georgina Marcella? Stunning Wife Of Connor Roberts

Georgina Marcella is the wife of Welsh professional football player Connor Roberts.

She is a Rendezvous At Two singer and songwriter. She has a daughter with her husband, Connor. 

She was born in the year 1996 and had her birthday on July 22. She is of British by her nationality.

Georgina Marcella with her husband, Connor Roberts
Georgina Marcella with her husband, Connor Roberts. Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Georgina is married to her husband, Connor Roberts, a well-known footballer. 

She tied the knot with Connor in June 2022. They started dating in 2017, and three years later, they got engaged.    

Georgina Marcella and Connor Roberts on their wedding day.
Georgina Marcella and Connor Roberts on their wedding day. Source: Instagram

They now have a daughter together who was born just three months before their marriage. 

Georgina Marcella with her baby girl.
Georgina Marcella with her baby girl. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Georgina is 25 years old

Her net worth is under review, but her husband Connor, who is currently 27 years old, has a net worth of $1 to $5 Million

Doctors Couldn’t Answer Georgina 

Georgina’s partner Conner was rushed into hospital after being fatally ill due to pneumonia. 

He was so serious that the disease attacked his lungs which are the core of his strength while running and playing football. 

He was so seriously ill that they were speechless when Georgina asked the doctors about Conner’s condition.

He was in the verse of life and death situation in the hospital. It was the condition that many people gave up.

But fortunately for Conner, he was treated well by the doctor. 

To everyone’s surprise, he recovered in a minimum time period and got back to his job playing football.

Life Is Going Upwards For Conner

Conner missed more than a year in football because of his illness. 

And even after his recovery, Burnley's old manager did not give him a proper opportunity to play in the club. 

So he was mentally going into the dark path. But he was always supported by his family.

Fortunately, with the arrival of the new manager, Conner was given regularity in the squad and was allowed to play. 

He was back on track again, doing what he did best. This really made him confident in his life. 

He now thinks that everything is going on the right path again. 

He believes that people can come up with the dark path and improve their life and have a purpose.

Conner Wants To Have Carpentry Business

Conner loves playing football, but he is up in his garage building something out of wood when he is not playing. 

He has this passion for creating wooden works like beds, tables, and other things his way. 

When other players watch movies and have fun in their free time, he revealed that he watches carpentry videos on YouTube to learn more. 

He said he wanted to learn as much as possible as he was still a beginner. 

He even admitted that once he retired from football, he dreamed of starting his own carpentry business by hiring some men to work for him. 

Also, he expressed that he likes things to be clean and to the point. He kind of has OCD, so after he finishes working, it’s mostly for him to clean all the stuff up.

Conner Is Okay If His Team Doesn’t Win

Conner once played for Swansea, and he was one of the best players in that club.  

He revealed that playing in that club was very fun even though they were not the best clubs in the league. 

He expressed that the way the team played and the team's understanding was amazing and fun. 

Although they lost matches, they were always happy with their team and their own performance. 

They had the freedom to play the ball on the pitch, and the constant touching and passing of the ball made the game fun for them. 

He believes in the philosophy that even though one doesn’t win the match, he should always have fun playing the game.

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