Who is Gianna Michelle Thompson? Daughter Of Kenan Thompson

by Manisha Sun Oct 15 2023 Updated On Mon Oct 30 2023
Who is Gianna Michelle Thompson? Daughter Of Kenan Thompson

Gianna Michelle Thompson is the daughter of actor and comedian Kenan Thompson. Her mom's name is Christina Evangeline, a model.

She was born in 2018. Her birthday falls on 2nd August. She has an older sister named Georgia.

Gianna Michelle Thompson with her father and sister.
Gianna Michelle Thompson with her father and sister. Source: Pinterest

Marriage And Children

Kenan was married to Christina Evangeline. They tied the knot in 2011. They share two kids. 

The two got separated in 2022 and are co-parenting their two daughters. Their divorce is not finalized yet.

Parents of Gianna Michelle Thompson.
Parents of Gianna Michelle Thompson. Source: People


Gianna is five years old as of 2023.

Net Worth

Her father's Kenan net worth is estimated to be $13 million

 Gianna Michelle Thompson with her sister.
Gianna Michelle Thompson with her sister. Source: Instagram

Kenan On Being In Saturday Night Live For Two Decades

Saturday Night Live show is now in its 48th season, and Kenan has worked on that show for 20 seasons

He said it was insane to imagine that he did the show for twenty years. He said the show was everything to him while growing up. 

He joked that if SNL was going to do a montage of 30 years, then he was going to all over the montage. 

He was just 25 years old when he joined the show. He said he got emotional when  he left the show and waved goodbye to his cast members.

Thompson On Working With Keke Palmer And Kel Mitchell

Thompson sketched with Kel and Keke this year called Kenan and Kelly. 

He said the whole week was very special to him. He added it was Keke idea about the show. 

He shared when Keke told him about her idea, he was immediately on board. 

He said her name was enough for him to sign up for the show.

He shared he was always trying to figure out how he could make Nickelodeon enjoyable for the SNL audience, too, and when Keke came up with the idea of Kenan and Kelly, he thought he would figure that out.

Kenan Talked About Impersonating Victor Willis

Kenan did a village people sketch in an SNL show with other cast mates. He got a chance to play Victor Willis during the sketch. 

He said they did it out of the blue. After he did the sketch, he got a chance to meet Victor Willis. 

He shared that his assistant called and asked if he would like to meet Victor

They talked to each other on a Zoom call. He said there was a white sheet on his background while talking to him on Zoom.

He said he had a great time as he was his fan and loved every bit of it. 

Kenan asked Victor if he could get a helmet with his sign.

Kenan Talked About Pranking Cue Card Wally

Wally Feresten is a cue card handler and supervisor on Saturday Night Live

Kenan has worked with Wally for many years. He said he learned about cue cards from Wally

Kenan shared an incident when Charles Barkley pulled a prank on Wally. Charles pretended to get mad during the rehearsals. 

They planned to get mad over Wally and yell at him. 

He said Charles did it, but she revealed that he was pranking him within a second. 

Kenan And Seth Meyers Drove To Rhode Island Together

Kenan and Seth did a standup show at the University of Rhode Island

They shared that at that time, their train was canceled, so they decided to rent a car. 

Seth did not have his driving license, and Kenna did not have his credit card, so they could not rent a car. 

They spoke to the manager, and she agreed to rent them a car. Kenan drove the car so fast that Seth squirmed in his seat. 

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