Who Is Gilbert Hasenhuttl? Father Of Ralph Hasenhuttl

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Who Is Gilbert Hasenhuttl? Father Of Ralph Hasenhuttl

Gilbert  Hasenhuttl is the father of Australian football manager and former football player Ralph Hasenhuttl. 

Gilbert’s wife’s name is Ingrid Gilbert. Except for Ralph, they together have a girl kid as well. 

Gilbert was born in Australia. He is an Australian citizen.

Gilbert Hasenhuttl's wife.
Gilbert Hasenhuttl's wife. Source: LifeBogger

Married Life Of Ralph

Ralph is currently married to Sandra Hasenhuttle. They have been married for more than ten years. 

They have two kids together, namely Patrick and Philip. 

Ralph’s eldest son Patrick is also a football player and plays in the position of striker.

Gilbert Hasenhuttl's son, Ralph Hasenhuttl.
Gilbert Hasenhuttl's son, Ralph Hasenhuttl. Source: Instagram


Ralph is 54 years old. His height is 1.91 meters. 

Net Worth

The net worth of Ralph is $5 Million. His main source of income comes from being a football manager.

Showing Video Is More Important Than Practice

Ralph revealed in an interview that he considers showing players videos before training them on the pitch. 

He believed that showing the video can make players focus on their playing style and how they can use them in their respective positions. 

He doesn’t meet in mass and inspire them or guide them. 

He does talk to the team in a wholesome way in the games or during field training, but he prefers guiding them individually. 

He calls each and every one of them. He shows them the formation and charts about all the statistics. 

He helps to improve their faults. It helps the players and team as they rank up every season.

Ralph Prefers No Media Around

When he first arrived in Southampton as a manager, Ralph was dealt face to face with English Media. 

He had never been to the English Media in that amount in his life. 

But in England, he, of course, had to tackle the English Media

He cannot speak in English that fluently, so he had a problem understanding and answering the media. 

Although he had problems with the language, he successfully finished the media work. 

Later while having matches and changes in the club, he didn’t have to go through media because of the club’s underrated status. 

But he expressed that he prefers to be undisturbed by the media. 

It will allow him more time with players, and he can bring more improvement to the club.

Ralph Feels Like Home

Ralph has been a part of the Southampton team for quite a while. 

He has known people over the club and places and has been familiar with all the environment. 

Despite the environment, places, and people around the city are different from his original habitat. He still feels the place as if it is his home. 

He revealed quite a few similarities between his hometown and Southampton.

The city is full of street art, not so clean and sneaky all around. 

Still, he connects with the people in the club and the city. 

As the people around him in Southampton understand him, he feels at home in the club.

Ralph Cried After The Match Was Over

At the start of 2021, the Southampton team went against the defending champions, Liverpool. 

The match was interesting as the underdogs, Southampton, won against one of the best teams in the entire world. 

Southampton won against Liverpool by the score of 1:0. It was a historic moment for Ralph and his team. 

This big win brought tears to the manager’s eyes. Ralph bent to his knees and started crying after the match. 

He was overwhelmed by the performance his team gave. 

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