Who Is Gilberto Asensio? Father Of Marco Asensio

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Who Is Gilberto Asensio? Father Of Marco Asensio

Gilberto Asensio is the father of Spanish professional footballer Marco Asensio

Gilberto himself was a former footballer who played in a Basque regional league club.  

He was married to his late wife, Maria Gertruida Margaretha Willemsen.

He has two sons named Marco and Igor Asensio. He is Spanish by his nationality. 

Gilberto Asensio with his two sons, Igor Asensio and Marco Asensio.
Gilberto Asensio with his two sons, Igor Asensio and Marco Asensio. Source: Instagram

Marriage And Wife

Gilberto was married to his wife, Maria Gertruida Margaretha Willemsen.

He had two sons with his wife, Maria. They were together till his wife took her last breath. 

Gilberto's wife died battling cancer.

Who Is Gilberto's Son Marco Dating Now?

Marco is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend, Sandra Garal. They have been dating each other for a long time now. 

He met Sandra for the first time in Shoko's nightclub.

Asensio posts many pictures with his current girlfriend on his social media, and they look happy together.

Marco Asensio with his partner, Sandra Garal.
Marco Asensio with his partner, Sandra Garal. 

Age And Net Worth 

The age and net worth of Gilberto are unknown. 

His son Marco is currently 26 years old. He has a net worth of 55 million euros.

Gilberto’s Dream Came True

Gilberto was a football player in his time. He played in the third-division club as an attacker. 

Following his path, both of his sons are professional football players. 

But his younger son Marco made his dream come true. Gilberto had always been a fan of the Athletic club Barakaldo.

He wanted his son to play for the club. Fortunately, Marco was successful in playing for the Athletic club. 

Marco played in one of the crucial matches on the team. Gilberto had always supported Barakaldo FC, so looking at his son play for the team made his dad proud.

Marco plays in Real Madrid now, but playing for the Athletic club was much more special for Gilberto.

Gilberto Asensio with his son Marco Asensio.
Gilberto Asensio with his son Marco Asensio. Source: Instagram

Gilberto Wore A Number 10 Jersey

Gilberto was the leading man of his team when he played professional football. 

Coming from Germany to Spain, he struggled a lot with language at the beginning of his career. 

But he was great with the ball, and there was no comparison of his with other teammates. 

According to his teammates, his talent got him the number 10 Jersey, but he was still a reserved player who focused more on the game than on other activities. 

His teammates described him as a classy player with brilliant movement. 

They also said that when they see Marco playing on the pitch, it reminds them of Gilberto

He also used to do great at attacking yet set back for defense when necessary.

Gilberto Let Her Wife Chose His Son’s Name

Gilberto’s youngest son’s name is Marco, and it was kept by his wife Maria

Gilberto wished his wife to choose the name for his son. Maria didn’t select the name randomly. 

Maria was a big fan of the Dutch football player Marco van Basten.

So she named her son after the same player. Also, Gilberto and his wife handed him the football as the first thing he touched. 

But they never imagined that Marco’s destiny was written in football as he is now one of the best players in the world.

Marco Got Seriously Injured

In 2019, Marco’s team Real Madrid went against Arsenal, and Real Madrid won Arsenal in a penalty shootout. 

But the win was not so much fun as Marco got seriously injured in the match. 

While getting physical against Aubameyang, the winger’s leg was hit on the turf of the ground. 

He couldn’t stand up because of the pain. He was banging the turf with his hand because he was in pain. 

Soon the medical staff came to his rescue. They took the player away and treated him as much as they could. 

The player was said to be seriously injured by the team's coach. 

He said Marco would not be joining the team for a while as he was taken to the hospital for treatment.

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