Who Is Ginger Perkins? Wife Of Bill Immerman

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Who Is Ginger Perkins? Wife Of Bill Immerman

Ginger Perkins was the wife of the late American film production executive Bill Immerman.

Ginger’s Marriage With Bill

Ginger was married to Bill a long time ago, and they shared three children. 

She has two sons, Scott and Eric, and a daughter, Lara, with her late husband. They were together until Bill’s death.

Ginger Perkins with her late husband Bill Immerman.
Ginger Perkins with her late husband, Bill Immerman. Source: Facebook

About Ginger’s Husband Bill

Bill was a film production executive. He has produced the movies such as Star Wars, Young Frankenstein, The Omen, and many more. 

Bill worked as an executive at companies 20th Century Fox, AIP, Cannon Films, and the Yari Film Groups

He was born in the year 1937 and had his birthday on December 29.

His birth name was William Joseph Immerman. He died on June 24, 2023, at his home in Los Angeles. He died at the age of 85 due to natural cause.

Ginger Perkins's late husband, Bill Immerman.
Ginger Perkins's late husband, Bill Immerman. Source: Pinterest

Age And Net Worth 

Her husband Bill was 85 years old at the time of his death. He had a net worth of $2 Million.

Bill Was Well Educated

Bill was known to be an executive producer by profession, and he had experience in that job for a long time. 

He also had not been opened into the media to date, so people are still unknown about many facts about the producer. 

One such fact is the education level of Bill. Bill was highly educated. 

He had a bachelor’s in Political Science and a doctorate from law school. 

He then gathered his experience in arts in 1970 by being the member of Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science

He ended up being the president of the Motion Fox Picture, which is a massive deal for anyone.

Bill Had Blockbusters Under His Name

Bill had been in the film and production field for a couple of decades and was a known name for the film line. 

Not only did he have a more incredible year of experience, but he also knew the movies that would be great, so he took those movies under his influence. 

Some of the movies he and his team were part of were Star Wars, The Omen, and Young Frankenstein, the super hit movie of the era. 

Not just it, but the biopic named Ray, under his view, even won the Oscar in the 2000s. His skills to recon the brilliant movie made him a legend in his field.

Bill Spoke About Financing Movie

Bill had been in the movie production industry for a long time, and he knew about the movies and their financing. 

He hence talked about the movie financing dividing them into three parts. 

He talked about the traditional style of financing movies at first. It was the studio funding. 

One takes their project to the studio, and they fund the whole project. But it is not likely that the studio would support any movie as they commit their words to thousands and just finance 6-10 films. 

He described the second as a low-budget movie. 

They are either relatively budgeted, school or university budgeted, or the festival movie. 

They play their movies in the festivals and hope the distributor will like and finance their work. 

The last one was the movie that uses agents as the finance. They sell the selling rights of their films to different agents worldwide, so they release their movies and earn finance. 

As he had been on the financing side for a long time, he had vast knowledge about everything.

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