Who Is Girija Parthasarathy? Mother Of Aparna Brielle

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Who Is Girija Parthasarathy? Mother Of Aparna Brielle

Girija Parthasarathy is the mother of actress Aparna Brielle who played the role of Sarika Sarkar on the NBC television series A.P. Bio. She is of Indian origin.

She is married to Partha Rajagopal. They share two kids, a son Vijay and a daughter Aparna. 

Aparna is very close to her parents and often posts about her mom and dad to express her love and respect towards them.

Girija Parthasarathy with her husband.
Girija Parthasarathy with her husband. Source: Instagram

Is Aparna Dating Anyone?

Aparna is not dating anyone at the moment. She is single. 

Girija Parthasarathy with her daughter, Aparna Brielle.
Girija Parthasarathy with her daughter, Aparna Brielle. Source: Instagram


Her daughter Aparna is 29 years old

Net Worth

Her daughter Aparna's net worth is estimated to be $1 million.

Girija Parthasarathy with her son.
Girija Parthasarathy with her son. Source: Instagram

Aparna Talked About Her Character Sarika

Aparna played the role of a complex and uptight nerd named Sarika Sarkar in the American television sitcom on NBC. 

In an interview with the creator of the show, Mike O'Brien, she talked about how similar and different she is to her character. 

She said she also had a major in Business, like her character. 

She said she is ambitious like Sarika but is different from her in terms of personality. 

She added she is a bit laid back and more relaxed. 

Aparna Is A Very Ambitious Person

Aparna said that she was always evident in her head about what she wanted in her life. 

She planned everything for her. She made her game plan when she was in college. 

She wanted to graduate in three years which she did, and she also wanted to do two movie credits before she moved to LA. So she was always determined workwise. 

Aparna Talked About Playing Popular High School Couple

Aparna played the role of Riley in the Netflix miniseries Boo, Bitch.

Her character was a mean popular high school girl in a relationship with Jake C., played by Mason Versaw

They said that they enjoyed each other chemistry and dynamic in the show and wished to have more moments on screen with each other. 

She said that though they were playing to be in a toxic relationship, they had fun. 

She said that her co-star Mason was caring and open. She added she was very comfortable with him, making her feel like she had known him for ages. 

She said they became friends while shooting, and they trusted each other. 

She added they shot many fun moments that didn’t make it to the screen. 

She said they got permission to go crazy with their character to add an extra element.

Aparna Talked About Social Media

Aparna said that when she was in college, she used to post about everything. 

She used to document each and everything and post it on her feed. But over a couple of years, her perspective towards social media has changed. 

She said she felt like sharing things, but not so much. She said now she is living in the real world, so she forgets to take pictures of things. 

She revealed she is only on Instagram and likes to share some glimpses about her work life with her fans. 

She added she also feels good when she gets a chance to connect with her fans online. 

She still can’t believe she has stopped using her phone and has become more private about her life. 

She said now she doesn’t use her phone as much as she used to use it before. 

She doesn’t take out her phone to capture everything and live in reality. But she said she loved the change. 

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