Who Is Gislaine Silva Andrade? Mother Of Maisa Silva

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Who Is Gislaine Silva Andrade? Mother Of Maisa Silva

Gislaine Silva Andrade is the mother of Brazilian TV presenter and actress Maisa Silva

She is married to her husband, Celso de Araujo Andrade. Gislaine is a homemaker. She is a Brazilian citizen.

Gislaine Silva Andrade with her daughter, Maisa Silva, and her husband.
Gislaine Silva Andrade with her daughter, Maisa Silva, and her husband. Source: Instagram

About Gislaine's Daughter Maisa

Maisa is a professional TV presenter and actress well known for hosting a children's program, Bom Dia and Cia

She hosted the show when she was only six years old. As of 2023, she has shown her appearance in the Netflix teen drama Back to 15 as Anita

She was born in 2002 and has her birthday on May 22

 Gislaine Silva Andrade with her daughter, Maisa Silva.
Gislaine Silva Andrade with her daughter, Maisa Silva. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Maisa 

Maisa is not married yet, nor is she dating anyone now. 

However, she did had a boyfriend. She was in a relationship with Nicolas Arashiro

After keeping it private for some time, Maisa made her relationship with Nicolas public in 2018 through the media. 

They spent four years together and seemed very happy together. They met through social media and three months later. They met in person. 

Maisa has also made a YouTube video with Nicolas where they asked questions about each other. Their breakup was a mutual decision.

Age And Net Worth 

Maisa is 21 years old. She has a net worth of $1-$2 Million. Her source of income is TV, presenting, and acting.

Maisa flaunting in pink - Instagram 

Maisa's First Encounter With Fame 

Maisa started her hosting career when she was only six years old, and by the time she was 9 to 10 years old, she started acting in Telenovelas too. 

She played the role of Valeria Ferria in the Carousel franchise, which was a Telenovela, but she never knew that she was famous in the acting world. 

She grew up in Sao Jose dos Campus, where she saw a child wearing the same outfit as her character, but she and her telenovela were tiny to San Jose's people. 

After that, she and her team started going on trips to Brazil, and that was the moment she learned about her fans. 

People followed their bus to meet them, and it was the first time Maisa felt she was famous.

Maisa Always Wanted To Be On TV

Maisa is a multi-talented girl who is great at acting, hosting, singing, and business

She was tiny when she appeared as a host on a children's show, Bom Dia and Cia

She has always been confident, and according to Maisa, being on TV is something that she always wanted to do. 

She was just nine months old when she started watching TV. 

She was very interactive with everyone and had a funny baby laugh, making her neighbor suggest her parents take her commercial. 

She loved watching TV, and even though she was so small, she always thought of getting on the TV. 

So when she turned three years old, she told her mom about doing TV shows. Her mom was a little worried but supported Maisa's wish.

Maisa Loves Using Social Media

Maisa talked about her love for using social media in an interview with Pod Deals. She opened up that she loves using Whatsapp and Instagram.

When she gets free time, she opens Whatsapp to talk to her family. 

She doesn't like calling people, so instead, she texts them and enjoys it a lot. TikTok is also something that she uses most of the time. 

She doesn't make reels or do trending stuff but loves watching others' reels. 

Her followers did ask for her to do trending things, but she prefers making something on her own. 

She loves reading and sharing memes on social media, and that's how she spends most of her time when she doesn't have work.

Maisa's Parents Worried About Her

Maisa has been involved in Television since a very young age. Maisa was talented and confident, but her parents were apprehensive about her. 

As Maisa spent much time doing TV shows, her parents worried about her career affecting her education. 

Because of that, they made sure to handle it on their own. 

Her parents didn't want Maisa to lack behind in her academics, so they used to send her record at the end of two months to SBT, and through SBT, it was sent to the child branch. 

Her parents ensured that her TV career didn't come between her and her education.

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